Friday, 16 March 2012

Celebrity Tibetan Supporters

Richard Gere:
                       He is a Golden Globe award winner from Hollywood and he is one of the most active and open supporter of Tibetan cause. Currently he is chairman of board of directors of the famous Tibet support group, International Campaign for Tibet. The actor is seen at many of Tibetan events and programs around the world.

Ranbir Kapoor:
                                              He is a young Bollywood actor and son of bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor and he has openly supported the Tibetan cause with his great movie called Rockstar released in the year 2011 for which he received Best Actor Filmfare award. The song Sadda Haq from   the movie is loved all Tibetan for its uncensored display of Tibetan Flags and placards.

Paris Hilton: 
The famous elite of Hollywood is also a
supporter of the Tibetan cause and has raised her voice against China. He takes part in various pro-Tibet activities and charities.

Russel Brand:

He is a British comedian and currently husband of the famous singer and actor, Katy Perry is also a bold activist of the pro-Tibet movement who raises his voice through the BBC radio program he hosts. He has also raised openly for the return of Chinese from Tibet several times.

Sharon Stone:
                    She is an actor, model as well as director from United States and she has hesitated upon her losses at raising her voice for Tibetan cause had made a very controversial statement at a film festival in 2008 saying the earthquakes in China might be due to the bad karma of their way of treatment towards Tibetans. With this bold statement, she lost all her business franchises in China and Hongkong.

Steve Seagal:
The Hollywood actor who is recognised as the reincarnation of Tulku Chungdrag of Palyul monastery is an active supporter of the pro-Tibet movement. The most significant way of his activism is made through donations he make towards various Tibetan support groups and organizations.

Imtiaz Ali: 
Imtiaz is a perfectionist director of Bollywood Industry and he has been very close to the Tibetan community and has supported to raise the Tibet issue through his films like Jab We Met and Rockstar for which he had to confront some controversies too.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Five points why TIBET should survive...

1. Geographical Significance:
                                          Tibet has been geographically considered as the Third pole of the world for bearing the largest concentration of glaciers outside the polar caps of the earth. This serves as the source of about at least one sixth of the global population and more clearly as the heart of Asia. This gracious significance of Tibetan Plateau is being degraded and exploited at a very high rate due to the current activities taking place around the world and most importantly within Tibet, exploiting the natural resources at an ignorant pace, fueling the global warming process. The catastrophic exploitation of Tibetan forest, mines and other natural resources taking place within Tibet will make the whole world pay for it,,,
2. Political Significance:
                                      Tibet has historically been located as a buffer state between the two of largest countries in the world playing a very importance role in the sustenance of peace and friendship in the Asian continent. China and India though share a common historical background of religious belief; Buddhism, they are the two most populated countries of the world. The quest for more land for the Mainland China has always been under their expeditions and Tibet had been insulating that effect towards the South-Eastern part of Asia. Without this buffer state between these giants, we have seen how much economic waste is being made for border securities, the influence of Maoist activities in the other states like Nepal, Pakistan, etc...
3. Source of H. H. the Dalai Lama:
                                                       Every part of the world today is dying to invite H. H, the Dalai Lama to their country and bless it and its people with the kind of words and wisdom he has to offer for the world peace, harmony and universal responsibility. An extraordinary personality; the incarnation of the Chenresig to the Tibetans, the Dalai Lama is someone the world has never seen with such power of promoting compassion, human values and unity. Perhaps the world will never see such a personality again if Tibet does not survives...
4. Weight of Human Values:
                                              The survival of Tibetan nation will be a question of survival of the much talked about human values of humanity. The dissolution Tibet will mark the dissolution of human values, fundamentals rights, freedom of live at large. The bar is high here and we are waiting for the whole world to make the decision together, not alone  by any giant country like China...
5. Power of Truth V/s Power of Strength:
                                                                 The issue of Tibet has been a fight between the power of Truth and the power of strength. The most important point of all the five points about the survival of Tibet is this one. This will point is important to prove the most famous axiom in the world, i.e., There is no powerful might than the truth! If truth is to survive in this world against the forceful annexation by might, then the case of Tibet must be resolved in favour of truth with the back up of the whole world because if it does not happen now, it will be very difficult to happen in any future endeavours...

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Can the world survive without TIBET?

The question can the world survive without Tibet is a striking question mark which at the first glance anyone would occur, what this Tibet has got to do with the survival of the world? But I bet if you get little deeper into this issue, you will come across the heart of Asia and the third pole of the world. And yet again, the world seems it will thrive well without Tibet. The question of survival of world comes out with the survival of the Tibet because every fire starts from a tiny spark and every blunder of the history occurred from simple mistakes and ignorant attitudes... The survival Tibet is a question of survival of religious freedom, cultural independence and human values in this century. If socialization process with civilization has no effect on the eradication of colonialism and invasion among larger and smaller populations, there is no bright future for the world at large. The slightest behaviour incapability from the larger world to stand united against the invasion of any country from a larger country is the first seed to the growth of the world to another deadly world war! The value of Tibetan lives have always been very low rated against the question of Freedom of Tibet because till now, the number of Tibetan live given up in the struggle for the same has been exponential! But now, the question is not there with the Tibetan lives, how many more lives may go into ashes from Tibetans, its heeded least. However, Tibet is not only for Tibetans! It is an issue of the world; it is an issue of the country which sources the water resources to major part of Asia, which preaches world peace, universal responsibility with an importance of the title, The Third Pole of the world. Can the world survive with TIBET? May be yeah, but all in bloodshed...

Thursday, 8 March 2012

I can not burn my body with my own hand...

I can not burn my own body with my own hand, neither can you! When reading the stories of the self immolation practices carried out around the world, it seemed unreal as tales of another world. I am sure that the experience had been the same with you too. But when there is an unbelievable truth in front of you, you can not deny! This is the case with me too...
This is the truth that I can not imagine myself having the full conviction to put the spark of fire on my own fueled body to overwhelm into flame alive! This is a truth with everyone born and brought up in a free nation. It is true with anyone having their future in a defined arena to be called as own. Though I don't have the free nation to live in and an arena of the ancestors to take care of, I still don't have the strength to come upon the idea self immolation because I have a right claimable to a foreign court and freedom to do whatever I want, unless I don't disturb the others!
Then from where did these 26 people acquired the strength to overcome the fear of burning one's own body in Tibet? At least 26 people consisting boys, girls, monks, nuns, men and women have set themselves into fire in Tibet and these aren't any kind of stories or rumours but a revelation of an actual happening!
The first Tibetan I know about, who burnt himself, is Mr. Thupten Ngodup in the year 1998 in India. This was speculated extremely violent action by some people but to the greatest extend, considered patriotic. This time too, there are many questioning about the practice of self immolation being violent and to them I want to ask if they felt the heat because these 26 Tibetans burnt their own body? This way of protest could have been set in the other way also. These Tibetans could have burnt the opposite sides too because they sacrificed themselves because of the repression pestered upon them. Then there would be violence and actual interference with peace and stability of other beings but it isn't the case here.
Burning oneself is never a passion and it never will be because I can not burn my body with my own hand and neither can you.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Movie Shooting in College Campus

From yesterday, I have got the opportunity to live witness the shooting of a movie. While I was rushing for my class through our college gate, I saw an unusual crowd inside the campus. Though I was sure that I was at least five minutes late and the campus would be dead silent... Usually the mornings in our college would end up in a rush with everyone trying to get to their respective classes at the latest. But yesterday, the crowd in our campus was accompanied by a couple of mini buses and other equipment trucks that prompted me to assume that some press might have gotten into our campus and started gathering all possible reasons I could relate.
To my surprise, the whole crowd was a shooting crew of a Kannada film which had attracted many students and lecturers around. So I also took a glimpse of it and rushed for the class.
In contrary to my assumption, the shooting team worked in our campus for whole day yesterday and today also. But from the sight of the on going shooting in the campus, I learnt something. I learnt the factual strength of the saying, the secret of success is hard work. In this world, who doesn't wish to become rich, powerful and celebrities? But behind all these successes and fame, there is a lot of hard work, patience, perseverance. The actors and actresses undergoes lots of hard works and patience rather than what we see in the films released and that is something to be taken within ourselves.
One of the most common dreams and aspirations the common people says is if I were that actor or the actress, I would enjoy the money he has because humans are born self reliant and look for whatever advantage at the least cost of one's own money, economy. But it is always important to remember that these kinds of dreams are most commonly by hard work. From the number of tries the hero of the shooting did without any complaint in front of us, I felt that success awaits us after a great deal of strong conviction and hard work.