Sunday, 30 September 2012

Wen Jiabao: "China has still a long way to go"

Ahead of retirement in the coming month, the Chinese Premier Wen has expressed his regrets of failure to implement reforms in political arena at a reception of the party diplomats held in Beijing today. Mr. Wen pointed at the resistance he faced from within the party that prevented him from implementing institutional reforms in China that includes political arena to open up the rigid one party state of Mao. While also expressed of his regrets he also spoke of his pride about the achievements in the field of economic, cultural, social as well as political advancements.
Though other party members of the state were also present at the reception, Mr. Wen was the only one who expressed the aspirations of a reformed China. Mr. Hu and Mr. Zhou were also present and they stood tied to the ideals of the primitive communist party.
However, it is nice to hear as a Tibetan that Mr. Wen stood hard on his words about the opening-up policy and make China a modern socialist, democratic and prosperous peaceful country!
Though Wen pointed that China still has a long way to get to this harmonious, advanced level of democratic country, he sternly expressed the importance of reforms.
Lets hope for the change...

How to be safe on internet...

Privacy is in your hand:

The internet has become so sophisticated that you feel as if you and you alone are just accessing with what you are doing, which is false. When you are on the internet, your personal information provided by you will be literally visible to millions of others. Without any knowledge of the sources and proper precautions, your data might be easily intercepted by any third parties. Therefore it is best not share your pictures, name, contact details, etc., without proper knowledge of security in chats, forum or any other similar platforms.

Your money is never safe on internet:

This generation has become so much dependent on the internet and being safe on internet is at your own benefit. You need to be highly cautious while sharing your financial data on the web such as credit card number, account numbers, social security numbers or passwords, PIN codes. Though online transactions have become common, it is very insecure and millions of frauds are scrawling on the web. The best option is to use offline payment but when you need to use the online payment, you can use it through reputed service providers such as paypal which guarantee your privacy and security. Besides, the basic secure module of online financial transfers is use a secure sever encryption technology and this can be checked out from the browser address bar by seeing for 'HTTPS' rather than 'HTTP'.

ONLINE WORMS: Viruses, spywares or hackers

A good anti-virus software which provides complete protection against viruses, spyware, worms, etc., is the best solution against these online threats. But it is not just enough to install the program as the bad guys on the other hand are highly skilled and up to date. Therefore, it is also important to learn about the software and learn how to use it for the best possible output and set the adjustments to the optimum settings.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Basic online security module for common people: (https)

The most common mode of internet sharing among common people who are not technically trained in the field is through the e-mails and mobile phones. But the truth is that people doing this kind of sharing may have significant role in the real life and have very important political role! So it is necessary for any commoner to be aware of the basic modules of being safe on internet when they are using it on the important matters so as to be secure from the stalkers and any sort of eavesdropping.
The most common internet communication protocol is the hyper text transfer protocol(HTTP) which is the standard internet communication protocol. But this protocol is not that much secure and the communication carried out over a computer network through this is prone to man-in-the middle attacks. So the valuable information is not anymore authentic and secret. So the advise to anyone who is sharing any kind of personal or political information on internet that is not intended to be shared to any third party is to use the services which us the communication protocol written as HTTPS which stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. Though HTTP Secure itself is not a protocol, it is http layered with SSL/TLS protocol; which provide security over internet.
The HTTP Secure provides security from eavesdropping, tampering or theft of the client's content of communication by adding a bidirectional encryption of communication between the user and the web server and thus becomes unreadable for any third party intruders. Though HTTPS is not the complete solution of online security, it is the most standard and basic module a common man can use easily.
The HTTPS has been used for providing security for the online transactions and later used to protect the authenticity of wide range of websites and online accounts.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Mysterious Truths from Tibetan history

The traditional Tibetan world has been filled with extensive number of mysterious records in both daily and political life. The ancient history of Tibet is largely based on the cultural beliefs and religious domination. So if we look back into the records of the traditional Tibetan history today, we might find it extremely hard to believe and totally mysterious. Below are some of most popular records from the history of Tibet that are still dominant in the public:

  1. The First King of Tibet in B.C. 127th year: His Majesty the King Nyatri Tzenpo, the first king of Tibet is said to come from an Indian origin and had his hand fingers like connected like that of a duck! But it is not the mysterious part. The mysterious part is the way he is said to have been appointed to the king. There 12 bright Tibetans who met a foreigner just at the foot of a hill in eastern part of Tibet, who was an abandoned prince of an Indian emperor. When the 12 Tibetans asked the prince about where he had come from, the prince pointed up as he had then just climbed down the hill. But that time, the Tibetans seeing a different person pointing up, considered him to have come from heaven to be the King of Tibet as they were looking for a king that time! So they prepared a carriage and welcomed him as the first King of Tibet on carriage on the shoulder of 12 Tibetans from which he got the name Nyatri(Shoulder Throne)King.
  2. The invention of Tibetan script: Thonme Sambhota was one of the best ministers of 33rd king of Tibet, his majesty Songtzen Gonpo. He is said to have studied under many masters in India and later invented the Tibetan script. Though many believe him as an incarnation of the heavenly beings, the truth that he alone invented the whole Tibetan script will certainly be hard to believe for the today's world. But this is not the mysterious part I wanted to bring out here. The mysterious part is that in the process while he was creating the Tibetan script, he could not invent some alphabets at any extend of hard work. But one night in his dream, all the missing alphabets were formed in the form of examples and thus he completed the process of invention of the Tibetan script! However, he is undeniably the first scholar of Tibet and one of the most learned icon of Tibetan history.
  3. Completion of the Samye Monastic Institute Lhasa: During the reign of 37th King of Tibet, his majesty Trisong Detzen, very large number of monasteries and other scholarly institutes were built through out Tibet. One of the most famous was the Samye of Lhasa which was witnessed  as heart of philosophical exchanged in Asia that time. The mysterious part of the history lies in the process of its construction that witnessed a huge set back. The problem was with the demons in that locality. How many times the masons built the building during day, that was demolished in the night by the demons! So the king invited the lord Padmasambhava of India to Tibet to solve the problem. The result was that the Samye was built during day by humans and night by the demons! This is how it is said to have been completed.
  4. The rain of flowers in Tibet: During the 28th king of Tibet, one of the most mystifying incident is said to have been occurred, i.e., the rain of flower, brightness in the night... The incident unfolds as a prophecy from the Buddha which takes place one night when the king was resting on the roof of the palace; a rain of flowers with which it delivers some of the most precious texts of Buddhism to the hand of the king! This time is considered as the time of arrival of Buddhism in Tibet though the actual practice of Buddhism started during the reign of the 37th king of Tibet.

Note: The views expressed are of complete personal knowledge and opinions and does not intend to prove or verify anything.