Wednesday, 15 August 2012

How Tibetans are misused to mislead Muslims through social media

Though the technological era today is considered to be a highly sophisticated and easily accessible to the information around the world, this is has also rendered threat and misconceptions. The extensive use of social media has proved to be highly threatening with the spread of simple lies created by some miscreants...
This following picture of Tibetan monks were taken during relief camp service offered by the brave Tibetans during the Yushu Earthquake in Tibet and China in 2010. But some miscreants have spread this picture has the Buddhist monks slaughtering the Muslims in Burma recently. So please don't be carried away by such pointless misconceptions.

Another lie about one of the most widespread pictures from the Tibetan community that has been misused is the picture of Tibetan hero Pawo Jampa Yeshi's self immolation in New Delhi. This picture was taken during his brave sacrifice through self immolation for the cause of Tibet but again it is heart breaking to see some people misusing this as means of creating chaos. They have used this picture to mislead the Muslim community by claiming that it was picture of a Muslim man burnt alive in Burma.
These sorts of lies are extremely painful for the Tibetans to even hear and they truly insult the honour of Tibetans, therefore we would like to request all those people behind this to stop playing with our feelings. The first kind of picture is extremely serious which may lead to a chaos in the two societies.
Please do not be carried away by the lies in the air and respect your right to know the truth.

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