Monday, 28 May 2012

Branded Terrorists that harm no others: Tibetan Self Immolators

Two more young Tibetans self immolates and this time in the middle of Tibetan capital, Lhasa this Sunday. The Jokhang Temple which is one surrounded by Barkhor market; which is the busiest and hottest spot in Lhasa for all sorts of visitors ranging from tourists to pilgrims to the merchants. This twin self immolation on 27th May took place in the midst of this busy spot amid of tight security by the police and military scrutiny.
Tobgye Tseten from Gansu province passed away from the practice and Dargye from Abha is hospitalized and they account to the first reaction from the capital to the self immolation practices that has been taking place in other parts of the country.
Often the word terrorism is defined as any sort of activities or behaviors used as a means of coercion to achieve ones' demand by threatening the world with the use of violence against the public and common people. But during the last several months we have seen a new definition for the word terrorism that is nearly going to replace the term self immolation, as far as the Chinese officials are concerned!
While the Tibetans and the people across the world are going through the trauma of losing any other man through the practice of self immolation inside and outside of Tibet, the official statements from the Chinese government so easily started calling the actions a form of Terrorism and has never stated any willingness to see into the issue! So, if such form of government of is governing a very large proportion of the world population, the world is at furious threat!
Following the protests in the form of self immolation against the absence of religious rights, human rights and repression, what we are seeing is even tighter repression, banning of religious activities during the most important times of religious significance, etc!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Where is Tibet...

Where is Tibet today…

Traditionally and historically so well known and enriched part of the world, Tibet, is at its one of the most tragic stages today. The history about Tibet has been in record since as early as 7th century onwards with the advent of the Tibetan script and the rise of its empire across the whole Asian continent. Though Tibet is considered as one of the humblest and one of the most religious countries in the world today, it has a mighty history that conquered almost whole Asia!
Despite the fact that this country, which one of the most important part of the world has a fully convincing historical background of its independent status, Tibet is today one of the hottest issues of freedom and independence today. When there is the question where is Tibet, there are lots of answers depending how people perceive about Tibet and how Tibet is.

Where is Tibet geographically?

Tibet is situated sandwiched between the two most powerful nuclear giants of Asia, i.e., India and China which is elevated above sea level to about 6500 feet. Topography of Tibetan region is in the form of a plateau, in fact, the highest plateau in the world. More interestingly, its borders are aligned by the ranges of the majestic Himalayas that make you feel like the God itself wanted this part of the world to be protected from the atrocities outside! Though the world at large little innocent about the geographical significance of this land, it the largest reserve of fresh water source in the world after the two poles and hence also called as the Third Pole of the world. Since this region is under severe exploitation in terms of both its people and natural resources, the impact will be shown throughout the world.'

Where is Tibet for the Tibetans?

Since early 1959, more than 150 thousand Tibetans have fled from their motherland Tibet and took refugee first in India and later in different parts of the world. The Tibetan spiritual and political head, the Dalai Lama has always been reverence of the Tibetans and he has been the Tibetans since many centuries. The above incident happened as a result of the Dalai Lama’s escape from Tibet that sparked the escaped of his followers. For the Tibetans, Tibet is a mission and there is a consolidated regional acclamation that does not exist on the world map due to the Chinese conquering it since 1950s and its so allegations of it being a part of it. But for these Tibetans, Tibet is in their minds passing it from generation to generation, hoping to return back from the Diaspora. Though the original escapades from the land of Tibet in the diaspora are fading away with time, Tibet is still carried forward with the fact that a free Tibet will prevail as the truth is that Tibet has always been a free nation before 1950s.
For those Tibetans inside Tibet, there Tibet lies in a hope that their countrymen in the Diaspora will return back with glory and relive a free Tibet very soon. For them, Tibet is there in the patience, pain and suffering they face in front of the foreign rule in their home.

Where is Tibet for the Chinese?

The Chinese political system is so rigid and hard lined that the larger part of their population is kept in illusion of what is happening in and outside of China! The fact is that the broadcasting through televisions and internet, other communication systems are directly censored by the government and the flow of an original message is highly impractical. For them, Tibet is just an ethnic group within the People’s Republic of China and for them; the Tibetans are trying to separate from the main land and creating chaos in the civil society! While the original situation is that Tibetans are fighting for their basic human rights that are denied by the ruling party in view of destroying the cultural and the race of Tibet! Besides, it is also a mist for the Chinese layman that chaos was actually being created by the Republic armies and not the Tibetans that is known by the whole world!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Cracks in the Unity of Beijing Central Politburo Committee

Tibetans have seen a ray of hope...
Recently, some cracks were seen in one of the most rigid and secretly run political bureaus in the world. This committee of political giant is run in so much privacy that most people from around the world as well as from within the China are unaware of its mechanism of flow of power! But from the recent incidents such as that of the dismissals of one of its standing committee members, Bo Xilai during a season of leadership transition or the dissimilar ideologies expressed by the top committee members, etc., has revealed the fragility of this hard lined Communist Party of China.

The Beijing government or the Government of Peoples' Republic of China which is primarily based on the principle of Maoism is such a communist government whose political responsibilities are overseen by a 24 membered Central Politburo Committee. Even more interesting fact is that the real power of the government is enjoyed by only 9 members of the committee who are entitled to the Standing Member of the Central Politburo Committee! These 9 heads of1.3 billion people are the practical heads of the country who are responsible for all the internal and external affairs of the country. They hold in unit or in shares the power in the affairs of the country such as police, military, secret police, commerce, development, external relations, etc. Besides, all the 24 members the politburo hold significant regional positions too.

This Autumn brings with it the politically sensitive period, i.e., leadership transition or the transfer of power in the politburo committee. Since 2008, the unrest shown in Tibetan communities as well as so called other internal disparities inside and outside of China such as the recent fleeing of the blind activist Mr. Chen to the US embassy has shamed Beijing around the world.

Long time hard lined member of the committee Mr. Zhou Yongkang for instance has expressed his fear of the growing influence of western ideals or modern practical thoughts such as democracy and had insisted in boycotting such chains of thoughts. However, the reaction was clearly seen at the incident of the dismissal of Bo Xilai where he was the only standing committee to fight in favour of Mr. Bo this April.

Mr. Premier, Wen Jiabao for instance had expressed his wishes for a change in the political situation in China earlier this year. At the verge of his political career, he had expressed his regrets over his failure in resolving various issues. He sternly expressed his grievances over the endless chain of Tibetans self immolation and expressed his hope for a quick resolution.

These can be seen  as a positive hope for us Tibetans but it is also an undeniable fact that people like Mr. Zhou is of the most powerful leaders in China and controls some of the most crucial sections of the governance such as the Police, Secret Police, the courts, the giant network of informants as well as military authorities!
Besides, there are agreeable amount of evidence and reports citing the government overseeing these insecurities, they have sanctioned much higher budget than that of the published amount!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

What happens if your are a Tibetan today...

Today, the world is more open, it is showing up all the options for its people. Communication accesses are well built while at the same time people are candid all the way to becoming mates from an overnight hangout! May be it is what is the change of time and the change of behaviors according to the theory of evolution. With this kind of candidness and outspoken world, there is a peculiarity in being a Tibetan weaving through the borders around the world.

If you are a Tibetan today, you have no name. If you are a Tibetan today, you will become someone else and that will be for granted. If you are a Tibetan today, you will neither have any country and nor any place to share the 'home sweet home' with your family. Though such challenging is being Tibetan today, the fellow Tibetans are not stopping to be it!

May be it is not the fault of the people of the world that Tibetans does not have a name today but the fact is that we have become minority everywhere else, even in Tibet too! May be it is too hard to pronounce the Tibetan names and remember as the people taking out the roll calls and name calls aren't Tibetans themselves. Most of the times, you will be a Tenzin to be a Tibetan and most people take that for granted! As far as the college life is concerned, you will be marked by Tenzin1, Tenzin2 and so on or by some serial numbers! Though is not some sort of physical torture, this is obviously a pain striking reality of being a Tibetan in diaspora.

Then there is the obvious outspoken mouth of the world, 'hey Japanese?'... then for the negative response comes, 'Korean?' and again comes, 'Nepalese?' but there is never the option 'Tibetan?'. Besides, the option as Tibetan does not exist at all because if you correct them with, 'I am a Tibetan from Tibet', there comes the obvious smiling response, 'Oh... Chinese... ching chong...' and there is no further dialogue because they have a Tibet in China! How much this hurts when truth itself does not exist at all and the lie has become an obvious truth.
However, at some good occasions, often people recognize you because they know Dalai Lama and to this extend, you get some identity.

If you are Tibetan today, it is very challenging to fare this world. You do not a place to return every evening because you neither have a family waiting there nor any warm home at all! All you have will be somewhere else similarly wishing to be united to one's home every evening!

But Tibetans are not stopping with these hurdles while they are always facing it more strongly so that their challenges could be solved and return to their 'Home Sweet Home' to celebrate their Losar with the whole family just like Hindus celebrate Diwali and the Christian celebrate Christmas!

Sunday, 6 May 2012


Adam Nathaniel Yauch or more widely known as MCA (his stage name) was born on 5th August, 1964 in Brookyln, New York. He is known to the world by his commitments into Arts and performance. With the co-foundation of the hip-hop trio called Beastie Boys since his teenage years came out to be the turning poin is career. The band came to the front line in the 1980s creating history in the field of arts and today, this band is known for selling more 40 million records worldwide! With the advent of time, Adam started more promising ventures in the field of arts and commerce. He started private studio, a film distribution company and he also got involved with direction, songwriting, etc. He did rapping and also a musician in his band. But unfortunately, we lost this legendary person form this world on 4th May, 2012 at the age age of just 47 and departed towards a more heavenly being. He succumbed to a salivary gland cancer that was diagnosed about two years earlier. What is more staggering is that he had always been a staunch an icon of truth and justice, standing boldly against the injustice played upon the Tibetans by China. This makes the world poorer of one strong pillar of peace and justice! Through his career, he had always taken the cause of Tibet with him. Adam is the person behind the historic concert called Tibetan Freedom Concert before more than 100,0000 fans. He co-founded the Milerepa Fund that is totally committed towards the cause of Tibet.