Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Losar sans pride...

In this world, I have seen joy and celebrations with the approach of every new year in every part of the world. Even if I have a past of two decades on this earth, I really don't remember a single time during which the Tibetans had the opportunity to spend their Losar(Tibetan New Year) with full happiness and gratitude like people spending their Diwali or the Christmas! It sounds really pathetic even to imagine such a situation in an era like the 21st century and even worse to experience it. What is ticking me more strongly is the fact that the preceding century had given a lot of war and bloodshed along with the approach of supremacy among the powerful nations and it should have been learnt by every nation on this earth by now about how worse such games of dominance could get.
The Tibetan New year this time sparked with extensive grief and aggression about what is going on inside Tibet. I have seen more than 22 Tibetans burning themselves down by the end of last year and it doesn't seem to end any time soon. This is the 53rd year of exile formation for the Tibetans and the struggle is getting stronger than ever... The kind of unity and commitment shown by the Tibetans is very positive, the pain being tormented upon the members are being shared by the whole population in the form of prayers, fasts, candle light vigils, presentations, demonstrations, indefinite hunger strikes and so on so forth...
Though there a few Tibetans in the spirit of the new year celebration, they could not extend the joy as they were really extremely disturbed from what is happening. Joy is most of the times peaceful and when the mind is not peaceful, how could a celebration be joyful? I think the pride is waiting for us now...

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Love from the heart...

I never knew there were two kinds love ever before or may be I always knew that but never realised. Every body confronts different kind of situations in their life every day and that is how people are made to use their their mind and heart at different occasions didferently. There is a love from within the heart and a love from the machinery of thoughts, the mind. Though it is obvious to say that the love that comes from within the heart is very enduring and consistent, it is not a safe game. It is neither protected by self pride nor by self humiliation. So this kind of emotion is the kind which is self destructive without any insurance. This is because in this world, there are different kinds of people of which there are some who are strong enough to elude anyone for one's own benefit without any sympathy or empathy.
However the other love is the love from the mind that deals with great deal of security and self benefit. Though this kind of love is not the one most of people wish for, the majority of love we see around today are of this type. This kind of love is usually associated with whole lot of pretensions and eloquence. The main idea is let the moment go whether it is real or false in such a manner that the other side is madly in your control. In the end, you are not at all bothered whether the person you played with is alive after your time has gone.
So this is the beginning of a tougher world I guess...

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Freedom in the mind

I live in the air of unrestricted breath counts and I don't have an obsessed wish for the freedom of life. For me, freedom is in the air, it has no restrictions. But I don't know about the otherwise.  The system of self immolation as a practice of protest against a dominating power was popularly seen in the nineteenth century sparked by a Buddhist monk called Thich Quang in Vietnam against the Roman Catholics government. Though this kind of protest seemed to be non violent from the other side, it effectively expressed violently the extend to which the oppressed were affected!  Today this world has seen about 22 Thich Quangs in Tibet and this easily tickled the wider population of world to which extend the desperation of Tibetans in Tibet are reaching under the oppression.  When you try to watch the video capture of the self immolation practices, there is a burning heart coming inside you and you can not complete the full length. But what has given these people the courage to spark the fire on their fuelled body? May be it is the situation of any desperate soul with freedom in their mind. Today the Chinese government has a new lesson to learn. From the past many decades, they have been applying a theory of dissolution of a nation by providing certain economic benefits to the people. Even though such a policy could elude a society to some extend, dissolution of a nation is not even viable with this. It has been five decades now that the Tibetans have been under their government which brought up many economic and infrastructural developments inside Tibet, freedom in the mind is still awake inherited from generation to generation. When this policy of using the economic lust of Tibetans into dissolving the Tibetan identity failed with the tibetans inside Tibet, there is no question of possibility of luring the Tibetans outside of Tibet.  Today, we have seen the revolution coming from inside Tibet shaking the world constantly and it is a hard evidence of non confusing difference between Tibetans and the Chinese.  Till the freedom is in the mind, the resistance from Tibetan side is not going to end at any cost.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A Love letter

Hi dear,               At the foremost of this letter for you, I would like to seek your apology for making your life a little more complicated by bringing the case of love into your life because I know how life used to be simpler without this feeling. And at the second space in this letter, I want to thank you for accepting my love and sharing your love without which I would have still been a half person, desperately single, longing for you... This time people are saying that the love in the air and season is romantic and that's how I came to know of the approaching valentines day. Though it is not a tradition we follow to express our love on this particular day, it is also not acceptable to ignore this day since you have come into my life. So I am excited about this day... Over the years I have been with you, I have seen the changes you brought within yourself to accommodate another person in your life and I know it had been hard for you. I also know how much closer we have become in these few years... May be this is my good fortune to have met a person like you in this life that I needed not go through all the stuffs of changes to give way to your demands.  With the passage of time, may be I grew more granted and irresponsible with our relationship and I realise it every several hours in my everyday life. Sometimes I feel I have been much pampered with your love that I forget saying 'I Love You' leaving as if it is your duty to do so. Even though I knew the love and happiness you experience when I did express my love for you I think I have not hindered to it.  Today I understand everybody is not so lucky as me and I thank you for that.  However, you must keep it in your mind that you won't be able to find a person loving you more than I do. From the moment we were connected by heart, I have been living in two parts. My love for you have been a love for life with which I expect you to care for this mutual existence borne between the two of us.  Though there are many flaws in me as a human being but I am certain about the fact that there is the least flaw in my love for you. So with this letter I wanted to make it clear that no matter what happens in our life, I am a beating heart whose every beat is an assurance that you are by my side, safe and happy. It really doesn't matter whether I do express my love for you any often or not, it all matters is that I want you to remember that till I have not released the last breath from this body, I will keep loving you as I have loved you since I had proposed you.  With love, Your true half