Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The 15th Dalai Lama

The reincarnation power of a lama is a fruit of a long and an extensive hard work of the particular individual. It is the same case with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. He has taken reincarnation of a Tibetan Buddhist monk as a result of his long time prayers and the faith bestowed by the fellow Tibetans from many aeons of ages. His reincarnation system solely depends upon the will of Buddha himself, the need felt and the faith his followers bestow upon him.
Today, the will be reincarnate of the 14th the Dalai Lama is being designed by the Chinese government by forming new system of rules and regulations. They are starting to hamper the absolute individual right of Tibetan Tulkus and Lamas by making the search and appointment process of their reincarnates mandatory to go under the order of the Chinese government. This sort discipline from the side of the Chinese government comes out as a result of the respect and preservation of traditional and cultural norms followed by Tibetans, according to the Chinese.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The World is not enough!

It is none the less listlessly bustling in all the cities I have gone and that confirmed my conviction that people are not aware of the single days they live with. Each day is a replication of the previous days as if there isn’t any new day with a new beginning! Officials remain engrossed in their offices, labourers keep taking rounds, sales people keep babbling in the shops and the rest keep pouring to their offers. Sometimes I turn myself blank amidst all those rush and commotion, losing the idea who I was and go through a difficult feeling. Because humanity is not about just making a living, it is futile to see wide gaps between every individual. I believe every single man should be a friend of everybody and there should be no difference in treatment of anyone. Love is something that can not be illustrated and being loved is very overwhelming. May be it is the ill effect of being loved that I can not stand any harsh reaction even from a stranger. Then I make a wish for a complete silence on this hectic world in which minute every individual would fall at ease. This minute would be the moment where no one is struck in the strain of meeting their greed. Because in such a state, I believe in the reflection of pure human character by everybody and there would be peace. I have an intuition telling the growth of affection among everyone when we would stand in such a state of composure. Thus I hope for a better world, where our mouth speaks not but our heart and we realize of the way we live our life. When we groom this basic affection among us, we lead the world to a deck of peace, respect and love. Hence we forget the self, its needs and the greed. After all, happiness is perpetual to such a paradox of any age.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Living in India

I am not an Indian by citizen but I have a royal love for this country. I am a Tibetan by nationality but an Indian by locality. I have stepped upon this foreign land as an innocent child of about eight years old before a decade. Now, I have grown up to be an adult human who no longer feels this land as a foreign earth. And I also have a vision of a developed India. I wish to see a proud India along the other giants because I have a love for this great nation to a great extend. But I am badly disheartened when we are also slackened by the internal riots at this critical stage of progression. The barbaric attacks and bomb blasts in various parts of India like Mumbai is very disturbing! But, I am delighted to remind along this solidarity that the vision of a developed India is confirmed! India is not such a sleek nation that could be demolished by such an inane deed! I am highly accommodated to flush my ever wanting accusations to the terror generators in this country at this state. They are highly brainwashed and we need to confront this kind of inhuman acts. United we must be able to remain for everyone wishes to fall divided.
India was never a such country that could be alienated from this world. Indians are spread throughout the world and they play unalienable parts. There is no any sphere of the earth where Indians are unwanted! From the science and technological field to the literature to the sports and entertainment, Indians are included and their roles are upgrading. And I anticipate that a time would come where India shall be a super power! There are industrialist from India standing tall at the international platforms. There are artists from India getting honoured at the international nominations. Hence, India is not a petty colony!
But I have always occurred in me a sense upon why this country is lagging its development. I have noticed in my everyday lives among the Indians a shortage of people ready to shoulder public responsibilities. I mean there is very little sense of respecting and caring others. Though, what I have noticed may be wrong but I am writing this with a reason. I have to go to the roads everyday and I suffer a lot getting jammed in the traffics. With these years I have seen that there is no any problem with the shortage of the road construction but a problem with the way people utilize this facility. The everyday traffics are any upheavals with the shortage or poor constructions of the roads but due to improper behaviour of driving! I have always noticed a full rush in the eyes of the drivers of every cars and they condemn to allow any passers before them! Everyone moves in a mode of scrambling for something. They blow their horns in no sense. When each car and each bike move in their own way, an inaccessible traffic gets jammed and every curse themselves by wasting the time and energy in sorting out of the avoidable traffic.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The time ritcher scale scares us

The last evening when I was going through my FB account to check for the updates but the queer thing was that there were people writing some sort of horrible experiences. This shook me to weave through the google news and what left me shivering was that a 6.8 Ritcher scale reading have shaken the peace of the North and Eastern parts of India. The news was saying about 13 people in the death toll of the calamity. The reports also read huge value of destruction of live as well as properties. The main thing that bothered me was the fact that I have people whom I take into my close circle as well as wider circle and this made me worry. As a human being, it is obvious that I would be more drawn by the fact that I discriminate among the people suffering but at the end of the day, I realize that there are more people, far more in number than those I care and felt that it is necessary to care for the face of the universe.
The telephone talks and the chat messages with people from those regions imposed in me a huge sense of fear. 

Monday, 19 September 2011

A note of the Sunday leisure

Today, I am at my room earlier than the usual days as it is the advent of the weekend. My college got over in just three hours of class. I had been waiting for this time to come from first day of this week but when this time is in my hand, I feel quite lazy to execute all the plans I have made for this. Frankly speaking, I am not able to find a purpose to spend the time for. I don't feel like learning some academic materials though it is obviously the first and the most important option I have in the hand. So this choice of mind has rendered me with an idle brain and this is what is bothering me to jot down this one. ThoughI I really don't have anything else to do at the moment, I can not rest at peace too.

"Empty mind is a devil's workshop"

Though this is not what I am afraid of just staying idle like this, I do have a sense in the fact that nothing can buy time. 

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Phuntsok's Rabga's Post in TJ's facebook page

As I entered into the atmosphere of New Delhi, a man came to me with a paint brush in his hand and asked if I wanted to have a 'Thiranga' on my cheek. I refused, yet my friends made. But they were charged 20 bucks for each. OMG! I thought, they were supporting Anna by sowing 'Thiranga' on every supporters' cheek, but things are completely different from what I have thought.If those people can cheat the supporters of Anna who fights against corruption, how can those people be there in the atmosphere real 'Thirangas'.?? Perhaps, they might have forgotten what those three colour symbolises...? Or they knows nothing about what they write.!