Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The role of Tibetan youth in our struggle for the freedom

Human rights, equality, justice, fraternity and so on come from basic understandings that come from education. My country Tibet is a very controversial issue today and I bear a huge lump of responsibility on this sensitive issue. It is a wide ranging propaganda today that the people’s liberation army of China has been fiddling with the human rights of us Tibetans pretending to be liberating the erstwhile Tibet. But I have been constantly disturbed by the very fact that the erstwhile Tibet was itself highly restrained in inequality and injustice in contrary to the state of independence. So, I have always founded a set of objects in my mind about the fate of Tibet that our purpose would not be only freeing Tibet from People Republic of China [PRC] but also to construct the basic human rights and democracy in a free Tibet.
The history of the world defines Tibet as a free nation but it has been annexed by the PRC claiming highly falsified evidences to the world at large. Despite the truth of our struggle, none of the other countries fully support in our pursuit. This is because of the gigantic role of china playing in the world of economy. So, our dream of restoring the free Tibet with force never had a base and it is impossible too. We all are aware of the very fact that our army in the erstwhile nation Tibet never had significance at the time of Chinese invasion. Besides, our belief is non-violence and preaching of peace. We are the follower of the lord Buddha shouldering the responsibility of blessing the 21st century community with Buddhism. And nonviolent and compassion is the most important teaching of Buddhism. Therefore, the mode of restoring the free Tibet with fore has never been an option for us. This year, we commemorated the 50th year of our existence in exile and it was really sensitive. Yet, I hear many people saying that 50 years is not too long for our struggle. It is actually the duration of life span of an individual. So, I had to debate within myself for why it was not a long period in our struggle. It could be a superficial declamation of an individual to keep the hope of our struggle alive or it could be imparting a great meaning too. I have felt that our leaders have said the above statement boldly because fact lied somewhere in our generation. The struggle for our country has to be inherited in succession for generations and it is only the youth; the growing population that would decide the fate of our struggle.
Over the last 50 years of our struggle, the strongest effort has been put in the field of providing education. The government of our struggle took form in the exile house to reflect the future state of our government. Our government in exile is based on democracy and it commits to form a training court of the growing Tibetans for the government of Tibet. So, it is quite clear that the youth have the responsibility to carry on this struggle of generation.
From another perspective upon myself being the youth of this Tibetan society in exile, I also have the responsibility to preserve the very identity of the Tibetans. Because Tibetans inside Tibet are tightly suppressed by the violent forces, they are not in a position to hold the purity of our identity. We know that the Chinese forces are imposed inside Tibet to demolish the constructions of our heritage and malfunction of  successive preservation of our culture and religion from generation to generation. I have often been sent into dismal by reports of thousands of common Chinese population into Tibet rendering Tibetans inferior ethics of the Chinese like alcoholics, prostitutes, and the pure line development of Tibetans inside Tibet is impossible. A greater proportion of the Tibetans inside Tibet exposed to these new faces are wasted by them. The Chinese policy of this type is bringing Tibetans addicted to the substance abuse are mostly laden with deadly infections. So, the main purpose is to destroy the very foundation population of Tibetans in Tibet. Being in exile, far away from suppressions, youth of a Tibetans in exile have the responsibility to retain the requirements of a Tibetan to produce the very population. Our accessibility to facts and justice should not be in rain rather it should be used to construct the marred structure of freedom inside Tibet. We are accessible to all the forms of studies and freedom and this should be used to raise richness in its own heritages as well as modern education. The struggle of a nation depends a lot on the enormity of the youth proportion of its population. It is the youth of a population that will take the course of struggle. In this course of the struggle, the population must be versed in its own cultural and traditional values so as to preserve the very identity. This very identity involves the nationalistic and the patriotic attributes of oneself too. On the other hand, our population must be efficiently good in the modern education so as to make this struggle in this modern world effective and binding. Convincing the modern face of the world must produce reliable evidence so is the necessity of the modern education inevitable in our population. Tibetans going to schools in Tibet are deprived of many rights. They are never provided the free access information as well as free thoughts. They are mould into Tibetans of different mindset and nurtured in ignorance. They are brainwashed and not builders of our freedom. The current population in our society exposed to very good traditional aspects lack the basic foundations of the modern education. Hence they cannot be regarded as the functional units of our struggle. What is left is the youth in exile, which is going to take the course of our struggle. Thus, where I fall is upon the conclusion that the youth of our population has the pivotal role in our struggle for the freedom and we can’t stay blind folded forever.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Embracing death and reality of life

Life seems unfair sometime. We are sometimes forced to face the situation even if we are not ready. So we have to learn from these. The lost of some one very important and close to your heart is unbearable. It shatters you completely. We don't want to spent any more days without them and we really can't.  It feels like why not me instead of them? 
Sometime I wish instead of ageing humans should turn from old to child. But I know it is madness. Because if it is like this how can a grown human take birth from a mother's womb. Whatsoever, I like that Brad Pitt movie called 'The Curious case of Benjamin Buttons'. But even so, he also dies in the end. 
How sad! But life also teaches us alot. Human are the most privileged creatures on this earth. There is a saying "every thing comes with a price so life and death needs to be in balance or else it would be chaos" ha ha...
There is a story in Buddha teaching that once upon time a women whose little boy died of a illness approached the lord buddha and requested him to save her child from dying. In response lord Buddha asked her to bring a single rice from a house where not a single family member ever died. The poor mother went in search of such a house  but in vain. Every house in that village had witnessed death. Some lost their grand parents while the other child. So she went back empty handed. When she told lord what had happened, Buddha consoled her by saying that  every living being in this  world had to die sooner or later one day.  Death is an unavoidable closure of life. Therefore we have to do lots of good deeds in place of bad in our lifetime and embrace the death in positive way. As a Buddhist we very much believe in karma. It takes a tons to born human. So we also have responsibilities. It is our responsibility to maintain this drowning world from unnecessary exploitation. Therefore every thing comes with a price. Our god gifted brain is not only for individual purpose like deceiving others for self benefit but to understand the situation of millions of helpless creatures, to represent them.  I here conclude my not so long and not so much sense making words by saying that we have the potential to make a better world. Only understanding and kindness works in critical situation. So be it...

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Ambulance and the traffic...

There was traffic jam that caught in it's web and I was not able drive forward in despite the fact that I no longer wanted to be thriving in that hustle. It was the dusk of a tiresome day and all I long for was my bed!
May be the situation was trying to prove the theoretical statistics about Bangalore that it has the highest traffic density in the world. But I didn't see anyone interested in observing anything about any of such facts. There were only pales faces exhibiting their hunger and thirst after their long and tiresome day. So the traffic was an obvious form of issue to go wrong with the frustration fuming out of every head on the road. 
For a more horrifying note I came across was that while waiting for that deep dark light to kindly chained into the lovely green, the siren of the rushing ambulance from the back of the long traffic screamed fiercely. May be it wanted a way made aside by the vehicles in front of it but it was something different. I was made fumbling by the chasing sound behind but most of the vehicles were trying to take advantage of the ambulance to escape themselves from the traffic. So it was a poor sight to see some generous drivers ahead freeing space for the needy emergency in vain. 

Monday, 5 December 2011

FDI and India

FDI or Foreign Direct Investment is a process of inward or outward flow of economy from a nation with the formation of larger chains of international corporates available in the domestic market of the nation. 

There is a very hot debate going on between the UPA and the opposition party of India since the UPA had tried to implement this current of FDI into India. The situation here comes out to be of more political than that of sincere concern that there is a huge controversy coming into picture regarding this issue. Hence there is also a huge wave of disagreement coming from primary production sector. 

The well established MNCs such as the Wal-Mart and Tesco are seen almost in every corner of the world and it is running in a win-win situation wherever they are. 

FDI is also about bring the foreign system of management and technology in the corporate world and there is a great hope that this kind of policy may directly improve the current system of management and technology ruining within the country. This is how There is going to be a cost cut from the products that the consumers buy as well as a higher pay for the producers they sell. 

The government anyway how is the who is also going to gain in the process. Though this can be misread as a selfish policy from the production sector of the nation, there is a fact that cannot be ignored is that is bold step from the Union is completely a package to all the sectors of the country whatever the intention of the government may be...

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Recession and its fury...

The current recession that started from the US and Europe has spread across the world and its fury is being experienced across the world. The effect of recession is being experienced almost in all the fields of industries with IT being the worst hit. This is not a physically visible phenomenon rather than a more complex change or down turn in the mechanism of the world economy. Every sector of business is being affected by this turn of economic crisis.
This is also being known as a technological crisis as the IT sector is the worst hit part of the economy. Though the nearest relation according to a student might the effect on the recruitment and placement opportunities, there is a deeper agony caused by this phase of wild crisis.
There are many employees from many multi-national companies who have been made to shift from full time job to half day jobs so as to be eligible for half salary from full salary; there are also long period of job where there are no increments, no incentives as well as not bonuses; the employees were kept under careful scrutiny so that any little point in their phase of doing the job found any mistake could be taken for reason to throw that out of the company!
This kind of global economic crisis started from 2009 and it is also being said as the biggest turmoil the world economy after the WWII. Though the situation has little improved from 2009 by now, this recession is still at its rage and wish it is going be fine after all.

Essence of Books

I am glad today at the existence of the most treasured wealth of the world called ‘BOOK’. It is the grace of this worldly wealth that polished my part if brain with the extraordinary ideals of the centuries old people. It is also because of this divine material called book that incinerates the blob of anxiety I carry upon the immortal nature of the existing resource personalities. I mean that though people with great minds would pass away invariably with the passage of time, their thoughts and ideals constituting the human soul that will last for the infinite time to come.
‘A good book is the precious life blood of a master spirit, embalmed and treasured up on purpose to a life beyond life’ is rightly said by John Milton as I feel. A person too much involved with books does not suffer from the boredom of loneliness because a book is actually more than a book. It is like a virtual conversation with a person full of wonderful word to say when you read a good book. Besides our appreciation to such a book, we land upon a desire to explore into it more than it is available there which is after all the formation of the purest essence of a human soul! Books are essentially the quietest and the most constant friend we can have; they are the easiest to be accessed and the best teachers.
Since very early stage of my life, I have been in the influence of books covering various fields of studies. But every time you reading same book, you come across a different conceptual understanding of the book. This proves the versatile nature of a book written in careful scrutiny and with high creativity. I should well put the instance of the world’s most famous series of fiction written by the simple lady of London, J.K. Rowling; The Harry Potter series was so well written that it created a sensational concept about the world of wizards across the seas. It left the world perceiving at the existence of such miraculous part of life. But I can’t harness my full confidence towards disbelieving at such kind of imaginations too because producing a book is not just a piece of cake! A book gets written with a writers’ acquired knowledge, his ideas, experience with a whole lot of intuitive analysis. Hence a book is more of a refined human soul than just being a block of papers!
I have always been a normal student of my school exceptionally too thirsty at literary quest and books have always been an integral part of my life. With my constant exposure to this field, I have dealt with the facts of it for the most part of my life. There is also a fact like saying that says that necessitates the need of reading of many books to becoming a man of knowledge and say.
Reading as many books as possible nurtures your ability to being a human being while at the same time it also gives you perfection at the strongest means of communication. In fact, it is one of the oldest means of communication, in addition to its spiritual, educational and cultural implications. Hence, the more you are acquainted with books, the more refined person you grow into.
Many people believe at the sense that a person can be judged by the book he reads. Through a book, one can receive the expected ideas and suggestions towards one’s way of living. They are the friend in disguise who comes into your life, furnish your soul with the desirable things that it has to give you and vanish like it never existed. It is all the same as an acquaintance of our life; we may come across any sort of friends like a mutual friend or a friend worth just a grin, after all it is oneself that takes the decision. Though I have once heard about the non-existence of bad books in contrary to the existence of ugly women. At the end, it is totally oneself who makes the decision to read which book even considering that the bad books existed.
I have an old relation with books in my life and I have been reading books I felt like reading. Among different types of books available, I am most attached to reading fictions made out of a little blend in the reality of our society. Hence, I could never deny of the fact that I appreciated the fictions by Charles Dickens especially ‘David Copperfield’ which is my all time favourite. It was so well written that it even covered a whole lot of my own emotions. Besides, I also can not miss to introduce the fictional book called ‘Room on the Roof’ by the seventeen year old Ruskin Bond that claimed some prestigious awards around the world. These books contained some substantial values that matched with reality and the ways perceived to be necessary. They directly attracted my soul.
When one gets too serious and too involved with the books, he really moulds into a different person with the valuable ideas of the writers in them. Because I have taken a little serious with writing and books of Ruskin Bond, I feel like I am copying his words whenever I write my own. May be it is a misconception but with books, I think we acquire many characters in addition to development in our writing skill alone.
Producing books have been an age old practice while its technology has been in change. People began writing on anything with invention of languages and it has been developing. Historical records, researches, thoughts, stories and even biographies of people constitute a book. Some people keep journals to keep the records of every day thoughts and circumstances while some people do with writing in the times of extreme emotions. Some people jot down the wonderful memoirs of the past with the suggestions of today. A great section of books also include results of researches, observations and conclusions of many groups of works. Thought and ideals of a certain instant of a person is unique and thus worthy. Hence I have a strong conviction that a book holds whole load of wonders and uniquely quality gems that could be used to adore the human mind. It is a necessary essence of the human soul that plays the pivotal role to mould and bloom to the full capability of its potential.