Monday, 30 January 2012

Reinstating SGIG

Today I have felt free to write here about the ongoing projecting that I started about three years ago. It was when I was in the high school with lots of dreams about the outside world. That time, I started a group called Students' General Improvement Group with help of my friends in the school. There were not that much of things that we could do during that period, being under a discipline.

SGIG was formed with a group of twenty two students in Tibetan Homes School during the year 2008. The principles of the group are based upon interdependence, universal responsibility and brotherhood. Tibetan Homes School is like every other Tibetan school, a home to thousands of young Tibetan kids who arrive from Tibet, most of them devoid of any supporting family. These students are taken care of by the foundation under the grace of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, providing a home away from home and education.

The group functioned in 4 different ways:

1.Helping with Language barrier -
                                 There has been many students newly arriving from Tibet to our school and this posed a language barrier to those new students. We tried to help them breach that barrier by organizing English and Tibetan language classes by the senior students during the off-academic hours in our school. It was aimed at providing an additional guide to what the teachers teach them in their regular class.

2. Promotion of Awareness -
                               This part of activities included holding demonstrations and presentations during mass assemblies. The topics of discussion were chosen according to the trend and its need. For example, stress management during exam season, water borne diseases during monsoon, etc...

3. Writing and Reading habit -
                                  We also organised essay competitions among the students announcing attractive cash prizes from our fund. This included both in English and Tibetan languages for all levels of students.

4. Environment Care -
                                 As part of human responsibility, we also worked at cleaning the surroundings of our community during the weekends. This was aimed at providing an initiative responsibility among the locals towards environment. This provided an additional coverage to our environment upon the activities performed by our environment club.

This is the story of SGIG till now and we are planning at more impressive activities from here on.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A cry of the saints... a call for help...

Anguished out of no freedom, there are many forms of expressions coming out Tibetan people. Be it from the Tibetans inside Tibet or outside of it, there is a strong opposition coming out of them against the long brutal rule of the Chinese government over Tibet. The most peaceful human forms known to this world; the monks and the nuns inside and outside of Tibet all crying out of pain and restriction from their religious practices. Who can tame a desperate saint?

About sixteen live bodies of young Tibetan has been sacrificed to burn out for the welfare of the large population of Tibet and it seems to have affected too little for the very cause! This seems like the oppressors had been waiting for such desperate actions to take place and burn wear out whole population into smoke. This is very critical now. When the oppressor is not at all shaken by this sort of sacrifices, I hope the rest of the world won't wait for another set of such desperate acts to take place!
What more would you expect out of negotiation with them, when a peaceful parade in the streets is a target to be crushed with bullets and tanks to them! Is there going to be another holocaust in Asia? The whole public inside Tibet is restless with fear and restrictions. The common places in the streets are poured with more army than the civilians! Those who have taken part in the peaceful parades against the foreign rule are nowhere to be seen; some capture, some hiding in the mountains, some in the Monasteries and many more missing...
As claimed by the government that the monks, nuns and the civilians shouting out for human rights, freedom, religious rights peacefully are a threat to the public welfare and order inside Tibet, then how are their reactions with outnumbering armies spreading into the towns and cities open firing at the unarmed common people restoring any such public disorder?

Pain of losing any Tibetan life is felt in the hearts of every Tibetan around the world. There actions taking place inside Tibet are always being honored by the Tibetan refugees around the world. There are all kinds of possible  helps available are being sought by them to save the lives of Tibetan inside Tibet. There are religious ceremonies being held at all points of Tibetan hubs to pray for the well being of those giving their lives inside Tibet. There are all sorts of campaigns from the professionals to the students so as to bring the situation inside Tibet to the notice of the world. There are candle light vigils, protest demonstrations, public parades, cycle rallies, etc.

This is a cry of the saints and call for help to restore the peaceful existence of the saintly world Tibet...

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Let's think about what you want to believe...

Ever since I was a child, I remember being afraid doing any harmful acts towards the other animals because I loved myself. This is how I believed I would be safe and secure from all the odd situations in life. Besides, I never knew whether god really existed or it was just a heavenly being without any phisical significance.
The most common resolution every common human being would assort to in times of adversity is to make a prayer for the god expecting a miracle from his side but nobody has ever told me of such miracle ever existing. Rather I have heard and seen many people losing the faith and belief in god after the hope they had in the heavenly grace of god showed no yield before them.
And to almost every common people I have ever known, they find a synonymous link between god and religion.
But with the course of time like the flowers of the hedges that keeps up with the pace of the changing season, my fear of causing harm to other animals is not the same as well as the look into the cause and effect in our life is perfectly independent. However I am always anxious about thinking it perfectly independent, so let me keep it to very independent.
As being a human, I have always tried to keep my consciousness towards all the happenings in my life and it is this consciousness that aborts me from causing any harm towards the others realising the same situation upon oneself. This is true to everyone and no body can ever bear the fact of such illness towards oneself!
Today it is not really important for me whether god is really there or not. The most important thing to be kept in mind is the purpose of this life; the purpose as a human being. Religion is what we believe the teaching of those heavenly beings that lived in the past. This religion is not just a sacred buch of books to be worshipped and kept as holy as not to be touched! Rather this is the guide to every single human to find the purpose of this life by studying and understanding what it teaches...
Not every sentient being achieves the opportunity to be born as a human being in such an auspicious juncture of time and fate like the grace of the 21st century. So it is most likely to best if you could find the purpose of your life and strive for it.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Yet another kalachakra... and it's the 36th time now...

I know a saying; 'Time and tide wait for none', and it comes out be something I really like today. The most famous and the most important religious activity of Tibetan buddhism presided by H. H. The Dalai Lama is happening again this season and it is the 32th time today. What I was wondering was that though from this 32 times, at least 6 times has been happening in my life time and yet I have failed to attend a single time! This is what ticked me with the saying I mentioned above. Though this time I had a great chance of being at the centre of the earth: Bodh-Gaya, the coincidence with my exam schedule held me back.

The Kalachakra has always meant differently to different people though it always meant to be a great opportunity. There is a large group Of people to whom this auspicious event also corresponds to a season of family reunion. Whether the reunion takes place for people from different parts of India or from Tibet or abroad, this has always been a great opportunity for such reunions.
Well there is also a group of people to whom the season of Kalachakra means a very good opportunity for commercial prowess. Be it for petty vendors selling fancy accessories or restrauners or any other business, this event, attracting whole bunch of people from across the world provides an unbeatable commercial success.
Not to forget, another group that is exceptionally blessed by this event of religious importance is the large numbers of beggars that haul at the site. They receive lots of grants from all kinds of people present at the event. During this period of religious activities, these beggars get the chance build a little more fat in their body with dishes heheh receive and survive for a good period with the money they collect from the event.
However, the most important group of the people and the majority of them attending the Kalachakra are the pious and faithful followers of H. H. The Dalai Lama which include most or the elderlies attend the event primarily to receive the blessings of His Holiness and pray for the world peace.