Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The role of Chinese for the liberation of Tibet

One of the most important historic transitions has been taking place in Asia since the mid nineteen hundreds. With the demolish of kingship with the overthrow of Qing Dynasty after the rise of revolutions such as Xinhai Revolution at the beginning of the twentieth century gave rise to the formation of a liberal China. However, Sun Yat-sen, the leader of the liberated China did not live long enough to create a democratic China and soon, China grew into a Communist society under the leadership of Mao and the communist government controlled the whole China.
Though the nineteenth and twentieth centuries are seen as the most important historic period of the whole world, China in contrary fell to the victim of growth of the Maoist system. With the firm establishment of the Maoist government, the welfare of people of China became less important in front of the economic welfare of the country. The one party communist government of China got in the hands of a very few people. 
Later, the whole China came under the control of communist leadership grew into the modern People's Republic of China. But one of the most important fact to be considered for this article is the crude policy this party is playing in one of the largest nations of the world. To the bewilderment of our knowledge, the absolute power of the government of China lies in not more than eight people including the premier and the president!
Inside China, the freedom of press and free flow of information is completely absent and the government keeps a 100% censorship about the press and media. The most visible conflicts between the government of China and Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are a clear sign of absence of transparency in the functioning of the government. The greatest odd is that majority of the Chinese population are lured by the censored information of the media inside China and they are completely ignorant of the truth outside their county and the country. There is no free flow of internet knowledge, press and business as well. In fact, tourism in China is one of the most manipulated areas of economy of the country.
So the point is clear here. The role of Chinese for the liberation of Tibet is highly overwhelming. When the media censorship in China fails, they will lose the trust of the citizens to whom the Dalai Lama and Tibet are a Terrorist group fighting to destruct the unity of the nation! The truth of peaceful struggle led by the Dalai Lama for a resolution based on mutual benefit will be heard by the people of China for the first time and start regretting about the hatred they bore against the Dalai Lama will bring about an untold tie of friendship.
When democracy in China come out to be a reality, there is no stopping to the realization of a Free Tibet....

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Hu Jintao still points at H. H. the Dalai Lama!

The sacrifice of more than 33 Tibetans in protest against rule of the Chinese government is still being pointed at the Dalai Lama as the cause! Hu Jintao visited India for a very short time that shook the livelihood of Tibetans in India and that too is being pointed at the Dalai Lama! So this is a clear information for the infants around the world that the Dalai Lama is a ruthless being causing all the chaos and death to its own followers but a great leader of the world to all those who have grown from being an infant. All the felicitations and the nominations given to His Holiness is a clear indication that the world is not at all in its infant stage that it can not understand the situation between Tibet and China. Hu Jintao alleges that the Dalai Lama is the reincarnation of Hitler as if the world is adoring and awarding the Hitler.
Life is the most gracious and most valuable thing any human can appreciate of. But today, the life of Tibetans are being taken so lightly. The serial self immolation practice by the Tibetans have failed to bring about satisfactory consideration from the world at the large and this is the most important factor responsible for the non-stop chain of self immolation practices.
The Dalai Lama has always been discouraging to such practice of self immolation and never have supported the approach. So this is the clear prove that China has grown indignant and irresponsible of all the acclamation and statements due to it powerful influence over the world economy that shuts the mouth of all other nations!