Thursday, 30 August 2012

Tibetan Homes Foundation completes 50 years of service:

THS which might be a word of mistake for anyone, it will always remain the most reminiscent word that I can ever hear. Tibetan Homes School which is under the organisational name of Tibetan Homes Foundation is the place that shaped into the human I am today. Pioneer in the field of educating the Tibetans in India, it has elaborated its grace and elegance in the life of thousands of people in the course of its fifty years of excellent service in Tibetan community.
Founded in the year of 1962, just two years after the exiled Tibetan community took shelter in India, THF came into being in the city, Mussoorie in the then Uttar Pradesh. Though this institution started from a group of only a few people then, today it is one of the premier educational institutions in our exile community that is responsible for the welfare of more than 2500 Tibetan children! With its sprawling campus in the beautiful city of Mussoorie now in Uttarkhand, it also takes care of many helpless old aged Tibetans.
Happy valley brings me a great sense of satisfaction and it is also filled with uncountable stories of innocence and happiness. The twelve years I spent there in this institution has been the decision maker of my life.
The life in THF is something I can not find anywhere else. The way we wake up so hardly every early morning at the call of our foster parents, followed by the morning prayers and the duty calls are still so special and hard to find. The rush to the school, the whistle of Gyen Dhondup la, the rush to catch up the morning assembly all remain so fresh still today.
The classes go on so sincerely from every teacher and sometimes many students fail to pay attention go to sleep in the class when the teacher comes out to be someone not known for any sort of strict punishment. On other days, the picnics to Hathi Pawn, Kempty Fall after so much request to the teachers used to be the best way to spend the holidays and it still seems the same today.
Now that it is celebrating fifty years of successful service in our community I am extremely graced to see the history taking its form.
On this auspicious occasion, the event is going to be brightened by the presence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Dr. Lobsang Sangay. The Golden Jubilee celebration of Tibetan Homes Foundation taking place between September 17 to 21 will witness the gathering of large number of its alumni from around the world.

Congratulations TIBETAN HOMES FOUNDATION and we love you...

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Tibetans not safe inside as well as outside TIBET?

Here comes one of the most pathetic moments for Tibetans in the whole history. Though India has been the safest and the most reliable escape destination from the brutal invasion expedited by the Chinese over Tibetan region since 1959, some sense of insecurity has been stricken among the Tibetans dwelling in the southern region of India recently. 

It has been crystal clear throughout the world about the severe condition of Tibetan lives inside Tibet after the forceful annexation by the Chinese army. The most recent cases of continuous occurrence of self immolation by the Tibetans inside Tibet has the undeniable evidence of pain and loss the fellow citizens are undergoing inside of Tibet. The policies of human genocide and exploitation of the natural resources inside Tibet by the Chinese government has imposed such a hardship in the lives of those inside Tibet that they have been enforced to cope up with a different way of life according the plans and benefits of the foreign rule! The culture, the language, practices of common people Tibetans that had been passed from generations have been on the stake and to a very great extend vulnerable to the extinction inside one's own country.
Though there have been continuous rebel against the imposition of such a foreign rule and its policies, they have lost the fight in front of the giant economy and its influence around the world. The chain of self immolation protests against them have till now been only a good appeal to the media world and have not resulted in any consolidated official support from any government so far!  Any act of disobey against the policies of the conqueror have been violently smashed with weapons despite any sort of peaceful protests and pleas. Take for instance the most recent demonstration by around 500Tibetans in Rebkong region after the reports of two self immolation protests in Ngaba. Though the whole procession was totally non-violent without any arms, they were responded with heavily armed personnel, those arrested were brutally beaten up to interrogate and so on! 
Due to such severe conditions in Tibet itself, thousands of Tibetans have taken shelter outside Tibet seeking political asylum primarily in India. Though the Tibetans have been greatly cared by the Indians till now as their own citizens, Tibetans have for the first time felt little unsafe in India following the clashes in Myanmar between the Buddhists and the Muslims and in Assam between the Bodos tribe and the Muslim refugees. 
However, we have been grateful to India and we believe in the secular state of India. Therefore, we are sure that India will continue its assured support and security for us Tibetans.

Friday, 17 August 2012

What is the Truth in Bangalore?

Since last two three days here in Bangalore, thousands of people from the north east region especially Assam has fled to their natives fearing the so called rumours about rise of violent assaults against these people and their look-alike. 
The truth here in Bangalore despite of all the press releases and encouraging words from the government and the officials, people are all confused and extremely deterred by fear!
Though the situation is claimed to be a total rumour, but there are lots of severe incidents against the Assamese and their look-alike narrated by the people across Bangalore. Here I have tried to bring out some of incidents spread among people.
  • Though the occurrence of beatings against the target ethnic people are to a most extend true, only some of them have been reported by media, many such beatings have not been reported and though those actually occurred. From these many have succeeded in escaping from the scene while some were hurt to some extend.
  • Another dominating incident spread among the public is the case of raping against several girls in some colleges. This is said to have occurred with the advantage of the situation against the target people.
  • One of the most peculiar incident that is heard from the public is that a north east couple returning from a movie theater were striped on the road and made to go to their room nude! However the time was during night time.
  • Stabbing against a Tibetan in Mysore though became serious and widespread news, there were many such incidents said to have occurred out in Bangalore though not to that extend. Some people were attacked near ATM booths while some were when even in the moving rickshaw!
The situation though is seriously claimed from the official sides to be a total rumour, most of the North East and the look-alike students have left Bangalore following the acceptance of leave from the respective colleges while the colleges still remain working excluding only some Girls Colleges which were declared not working for sometime.
This is extremely serious from any side of view because by merely saying the situation is just a wake against rumours is not going to ensure security to anyone. People are highly exposed to this news that people with this look are brought to an extreme sideline everywhere!

Note: The views expressed above are all pertaining to what is heard from the people and not based on any press or official reports.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Bangalore and the Tibetans : Rumours or real?

Yesterday, after the extensive spread of the news about the hunt for the Assamese people in Bangalore by the Muslims and in addition to the fact of one Tibetan being stabbed in Mysore in public has panicked the Tibetan students and other look-alike fellows. It affected to such an extend that many students usually dwelling outside on their own took shelter at Tibetan Youth Hostel in Koramangala! They were frightened by the spread of the mouth that people come knocking on their doors in the night!
Though many of them are still trying to follow the usual routine, a lot of Tibetans have already returned to their settlements near by. Some colleges have already declared holidays for 10-15 days but still most of the colleges remain normal and working. Though there are many rumours spread around about beatings as well as rapes against north east and Nepalese in the city, no official report has ever been reported and the officials suggest of no any such issues threatening the livelihood of the Assamese and the look-alike people in the state.
Similarly, Tibetans usually living in Mysore for education and business purpose are all reported to have already shifted from the city to their own settlements in the fear of the wake of the violence spreading.
The dilemma among the students due to all these problems is that they have no easy choice in the hand. It is fine for those who have been declared holidays but for most of them, it is still not declared and they are struck out there. Whether to attend to the classes regularly or to remain indoors avoiding any chance of such rumours to ruin their is the big question lying in front of them.
The truth is that as many as 6000 people from Assam  and its regions have already fled from Bangalore following the so called rumours of violence against them since this Wednesday!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

How Tibetans are misused to mislead Muslims through social media

Though the technological era today is considered to be a highly sophisticated and easily accessible to the information around the world, this is has also rendered threat and misconceptions. The extensive use of social media has proved to be highly threatening with the spread of simple lies created by some miscreants...
This following picture of Tibetan monks were taken during relief camp service offered by the brave Tibetans during the Yushu Earthquake in Tibet and China in 2010. But some miscreants have spread this picture has the Buddhist monks slaughtering the Muslims in Burma recently. So please don't be carried away by such pointless misconceptions.

Another lie about one of the most widespread pictures from the Tibetan community that has been misused is the picture of Tibetan hero Pawo Jampa Yeshi's self immolation in New Delhi. This picture was taken during his brave sacrifice through self immolation for the cause of Tibet but again it is heart breaking to see some people misusing this as means of creating chaos. They have used this picture to mislead the Muslim community by claiming that it was picture of a Muslim man burnt alive in Burma.
These sorts of lies are extremely painful for the Tibetans to even hear and they truly insult the honour of Tibetans, therefore we would like to request all those people behind this to stop playing with our feelings. The first kind of picture is extremely serious which may lead to a chaos in the two societies.
Please do not be carried away by the lies in the air and respect your right to know the truth.

Clarification of the misconceptions about Muslims' slaughter-letter of Myanmar ambassador-

"Dear Dr. T.A. Rahmani,
I would like to provide you the following information:-

On what happened:
On 28 May this year, a Rakhine Buddhist girl was raped and killed by three men near one of the villages in Kyaukpyu district of Rakhine State, which is bordering Bangladesh.

Through the investigation conducted by Kyaukpyu district police force, three persons, all Muslims, were exposed to be the perpetrators. They were put under protective custody in Kyaukpyu Jail on the morning of 30 May for fear of revenge from relatives of the deceased girl.

Relatives of the deceased girl and fellow villagers, about 100, went to the police station on the afternoon of 30 May and asked the police station to bring to them the three suspects. The police officers, who are Buddhists, did not allow them to enter the station compound and rejected their claim by saying that action would be taken against the three suspects in accordance with the law. This testifies to respect for law and the rule of law in the country. Unsatisfied with the response from the police officers, the relatives and fellow villagers attempted to enter the police station which compelled the police officers to fire five shots to disperse them.

On 3 June in a town called Taunggup, a group of about 300 Rakhine Buddhists attacked 10 Muslim passengers on a bus travelling to Yangon. All 10 were killed on the spot. The news on killing of 10 Muslims spread to the immediate neighbourhood and Muslims and Rakhine Buddhists in the neighbourhood attacked each other. This communal violence spread quickly to other parts of Maungtaw and then to Buthidaung, Sittway and Yathedaung townships in the Rakhine State where Rakhine Buddhists and Muslims have been living since long. The situation went out of control.

Local authorities and police were unable to control the situation due to lack of man power and facilities. Curfew was imposed by the State Government on 8 June 2012 in the areas where clashes took place. However, clashes continued and even spread out and therefore, State of Emergency was declared in Rakhine State by the Union Government on 10 June. The Defence Services was called in to control the situation and to restore peace and law and order in the state. The situation is now back to normal completely.

During the unfortunate incident, both Rakhine Buddhists and Muslims, 79 persons in total, were killed and many injured. It is totally untrue that hundreds or thousands have been killed and that those killed were Muslims. The deaths were caused by either group to each other, not by others. Houses and property worth millions of dollars were destroyed. Thousands of victims have become homeless. Both Rakhine Buddhists and Muslims suffered as a result of the lawlessness of a few.

On what the government has done and been doing:
The government formed on 6 June 2012 an Investigation Committee headed by the Deputy Minister of Home Affairs to investigate all aspects of the unfortunate incident and submit a report to the President.
Action will be taken in accordance with the law against all those, without any exception, who have committed crimes or agitated others to do so. 30 Rakhine Buddhist suspects have already been detained so far.

Relief camps, 72 in total, have been set up separately for Rakhine Buddhists and Muslims. Basic needs of food, clothing and medicines of the victims have been met by the government.

In coordination with the government, UN agencies in the country, including UNHCR, UNFPA, WFP and UNOCHA, and INGOs have also been providing humanitarian assistance to the victims.

Lt. Gen. Thein Htay, Union Minister for Border Affairs and for Myanmar Industrial Development, accompanied by Mr. Vijay Nambiar, Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General, officials from UN agencies in Yangon led by Resident Representatives of UN agencies in Myanmar Mr. Ashok Nigam, 15 Muslim leaders from Yangon and departmental officials, visited Rakhine State recently, during which arrangements made by the government for rehabilitation and long-term aids for livelihood for the victims and for the security and the rule of law in the region have been explained to the victims. Cash, foodstuff, school uniforms, exercise books and stationary worth hundreds of thousands of dollars have been given to victims of both groups.

The Speaker of the Lower House of Myanmar Parliament accompanied by MPs representing political parties also travelled to Rakhine State. Together with the Chief Minister of Rakhine State and his cabinet members they visited the relief camps in the state and observed relief, resettlement and rehabilitation measures for the victims. The MPs donated Kyats 12.93 million, their daily allowance for three days, Union Solidarity and Development Party Kyats 20 million and the State Assembly members Kyats 2 million, for the victims.

Comment of the Embassy:
The Embassy of Myanmar sincerely hopes that you be well aware that violent clashes take place sometimes not only between different religions but even between different sects of the same religion. Whenever such ugly things happen, not only those who start but also who have nothing to do with such things suffer. The Embassy firmly believes that regardless of what religion one professes, all must live together peacefully based on respect for each other and laws of the country in which we reside. The recent clashes between Rakhine Buddhists and Muslims in the Rakhine State of our country are very unfortunate and the Embassy feels very sorry for all the victims without any reservation.

In Myanmar, Muslims are not only in Rakhine State but also elsewhere as those who profess other religions in the country. Buddhist pagodas and monasteries, Christian churches, Islamic mosques and Hindu temples exist side by side in many cities/towns/localities of the country. This can happen because of the deeply rooted religious tolerance in the country.

Fake photos or false information have been spread with an ill intention to agitate Muslims around the world by attempting to create the impression that Muslims are being discriminated or killed in Myanmar and that such acts are state sponsored. Such are unsubstantiated accusations. Please do not be misled by them.

I would like to request you to kindly share this information with your colleagues.

I wish you and your colleagues all the best.

With warm regards

Zin Yaw

Monday, 13 August 2012

Breaking News again: Fresh Series of Self immolation in Tibet

There is a fresh news coming out of Tibet that this evening 6:50 pm, local time, two Tibetans have yet again committed self immolation amid the tight restriction of the Chinese police and military scrutiny in Ngaba region of Tibet. Though this part of Tibet is under the special lens of Chinese officials as it has been one of the root place of this popular form protest against the Chinese rule, two Tibetans have yet seems to have shaken everyone!
Though the reports are still awaited for complete information about this incident, this tragedy seems to be confirmed according to the sources. This is utterly saddening and painful to hear...
Till now, more than 50 Tibetans have assorted to the method of self immolation to express their anguish and hatred against the Chinese rule in Tibet as well as for the return of H. H. the 14th Dalai Lama to Tibet, the world have yet been too far indifferent and the Tibetans continue to give up their lives...
Here we Tibetans appeal to the United Nations and the other nations of the world, whose constitutions support freedom, human rights and other fundamental rights to boldly rise up in support of Tibet because Tibet needs you today, with this may be you can save yourself from being a Tibet someday!
Please Support the Tibetan self immolators raise their voices...

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Hopes and wishes if TIBET is free now...

Though the main population of Tibet is still inside Tibet, a large number of Tibetans has been able to escape from the control of the foreign invader, China and see asylum in other democratically free countries like India. It is obvious that the larger population of Tibet residing within the control of China are suffering from various atrocities and discrimination in their homeland. The brutality of human genocide policy in Tibet has rendered them minorities in their own home!
However, a lot of Tibetans have survived the extremely risky escape through the Himalayas and lives in the free nations fighting for the justice and freedom. But with the passage of Time, the life outside Tibet has become an awkwardly long sojourn which led to the change of a generation and still the fight for the country long way to go!
This morning, when I went through the media information, the hot topic weaving through the Tibetan community was that a Tibetan athlete taking part in the London Olympics had won a bronze medal in race game. I was electrified with joy that a Tibetan has also stood shoulder to shoulder at such a stage,
However, then again, there were pouring of comments from Tibetans remarking their disappointments over such a talented citizen representing the rival country; if there was a Tibetan team in the Olympics there might have been many more medals, etc. Though this is simply a wish of a lay man same as us but when I went through the words again, there was the pain and an ever expounding wish hidden in us Tibetans.
Similarly, this midnight, the facebook status of some my friends were congratulating the winners of the DID Lilltle Masters Season 2 winner and the finale team followed by a simple hope and a simple wish to set up a similar platform for the young Tibetan dancing masters! This is where the pain comes out, however long you stay out of your native, however comfortably you are placed in a free foreign world, neither you can become one of them nor you can forget your home!
Every Tibetan has lots and lots of hopes and wishes if Tibet is freed now because most of Tibetans today has never lived or seen a free Tibet.
So is it that the struggle of Tibetan people will go on and on no matter how long it takes and how far it goes.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Weird History for the world in neglecting TIBET

Today a history is about to be written in a totally weird manner in this world. Innocence can not be held responsible with all these great propagandas and mediocracies. Though the fellow mates of this world in Tibet are blowing away their lives in order to highlight the atrocities and human genocide carried out in a peaceful country still colonised by the greatest economy of the world! For this weird turn of history, the whole generation of human race existing in this era will be held responsible because of their indifference, selfishness and greed because you can not imagine a fire without heat!

Who else would be mad enough to burn their body alive than the Tibetans who do it not in madness but for a greater cause of its countryman! 
The report of Tibetans going for self immolation is ceaseless so is the pain they are going through. If the whole world is ready to pass out this crisis, this would  be the blunder of the century. Which in turn will inspire the aspiring communists, dictators as well as the terror groups. Hence a century is welcoming a foreseen tragedy! Besides, it is the first time in the whole history of the world where such chain of self immolation is taking place!
Everywhere else in the world, the olympics is the attraction of every conscience at the moment. It was four years before during the same olympics held in Beijing that attracted controversies including the Tibet issue. However, it remains the same issue yet again with another olympics coming out in play. Whether we call this fate or anything, some part of the world, like Tibet is still suffering under the rule of a colonialist brutally while others are relishing the air of freedom.
Who would not be interested any sort of name and fame by representing their country at an international stage? Same as everyone else is taking part in the olympics with immense pride and honour to raise the name and the honour of their fellow countrymen, the Tibetans are meeting the same purpose though in a more fed-up manner by burning themselves alive!
Do they not have the desire to live as any human would do? Obviously they do! But when the privileges of decent life is no longer an option, they collect the strength to endure the of one burning alive to raise the issue for the cause of greater good. The most recent practice of Tibetan self immolation include monk Lobsang Tsultrim of Kirti Monastry in Ngaba and Dolkar, a young nun from Tsoe monastry in eastern Tibet! With lost Dolkar's life on 7th August, the death toll of Tibetans from self immolation reaches to a wooing 37!