Thursday, 1 March 2012

Movie Shooting in College Campus

From yesterday, I have got the opportunity to live witness the shooting of a movie. While I was rushing for my class through our college gate, I saw an unusual crowd inside the campus. Though I was sure that I was at least five minutes late and the campus would be dead silent... Usually the mornings in our college would end up in a rush with everyone trying to get to their respective classes at the latest. But yesterday, the crowd in our campus was accompanied by a couple of mini buses and other equipment trucks that prompted me to assume that some press might have gotten into our campus and started gathering all possible reasons I could relate.
To my surprise, the whole crowd was a shooting crew of a Kannada film which had attracted many students and lecturers around. So I also took a glimpse of it and rushed for the class.
In contrary to my assumption, the shooting team worked in our campus for whole day yesterday and today also. But from the sight of the on going shooting in the campus, I learnt something. I learnt the factual strength of the saying, the secret of success is hard work. In this world, who doesn't wish to become rich, powerful and celebrities? But behind all these successes and fame, there is a lot of hard work, patience, perseverance. The actors and actresses undergoes lots of hard works and patience rather than what we see in the films released and that is something to be taken within ourselves.
One of the most common dreams and aspirations the common people says is if I were that actor or the actress, I would enjoy the money he has because humans are born self reliant and look for whatever advantage at the least cost of one's own money, economy. But it is always important to remember that these kinds of dreams are most commonly by hard work. From the number of tries the hero of the shooting did without any complaint in front of us, I felt that success awaits us after a great deal of strong conviction and hard work.  


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