Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Cracks in the Unity of Beijing Central Politburo Committee

Tibetans have seen a ray of hope...
Recently, some cracks were seen in one of the most rigid and secretly run political bureaus in the world. This committee of political giant is run in so much privacy that most people from around the world as well as from within the China are unaware of its mechanism of flow of power! But from the recent incidents such as that of the dismissals of one of its standing committee members, Bo Xilai during a season of leadership transition or the dissimilar ideologies expressed by the top committee members, etc., has revealed the fragility of this hard lined Communist Party of China.

The Beijing government or the Government of Peoples' Republic of China which is primarily based on the principle of Maoism is such a communist government whose political responsibilities are overseen by a 24 membered Central Politburo Committee. Even more interesting fact is that the real power of the government is enjoyed by only 9 members of the committee who are entitled to the Standing Member of the Central Politburo Committee! These 9 heads of1.3 billion people are the practical heads of the country who are responsible for all the internal and external affairs of the country. They hold in unit or in shares the power in the affairs of the country such as police, military, secret police, commerce, development, external relations, etc. Besides, all the 24 members the politburo hold significant regional positions too.

This Autumn brings with it the politically sensitive period, i.e., leadership transition or the transfer of power in the politburo committee. Since 2008, the unrest shown in Tibetan communities as well as so called other internal disparities inside and outside of China such as the recent fleeing of the blind activist Mr. Chen to the US embassy has shamed Beijing around the world.

Long time hard lined member of the committee Mr. Zhou Yongkang for instance has expressed his fear of the growing influence of western ideals or modern practical thoughts such as democracy and had insisted in boycotting such chains of thoughts. However, the reaction was clearly seen at the incident of the dismissal of Bo Xilai where he was the only standing committee to fight in favour of Mr. Bo this April.

Mr. Premier, Wen Jiabao for instance had expressed his wishes for a change in the political situation in China earlier this year. At the verge of his political career, he had expressed his regrets over his failure in resolving various issues. He sternly expressed his grievances over the endless chain of Tibetans self immolation and expressed his hope for a quick resolution.

These can be seen  as a positive hope for us Tibetans but it is also an undeniable fact that people like Mr. Zhou is of the most powerful leaders in China and controls some of the most crucial sections of the governance such as the Police, Secret Police, the courts, the giant network of informants as well as military authorities!
Besides, there are agreeable amount of evidence and reports citing the government overseeing these insecurities, they have sanctioned much higher budget than that of the published amount!


  1. You Can’t Disguise the Lies that you told the whole with a mask of smile on your face.

  2. Seriously true... a crow will always be black even if it was in some other nests...