Saturday, 27 July 2013

Excerpt of Statement of Health Kalon on World Hepatitis Day

Health Kalon Dr. Tsering Wangchuk
"... On this World Hepatitis Day, I would like to send following messages of utmost importance to every Tibetans regarding hepatitis.
  1. First, it is vital to learn and know about this deadly disease. Being aware of it is the first step in our effort to control this ‘silent epidemic’.
  2. Second, if you do not know your Hepatitis status, it is very important to get yourself tested whether you are affected or not. You can go to the local hospital and ask about how you can get tested for Hepatitis.Especially for pregnant women to get blood tested for Hepatitis B and C during pregnancy is must.
  3. Third, Hepatitis A and B are also vaccine preventable disease. If you are not infected and never receive preventive vaccination, you should get vaccinated to protect yourself and your family from Hepatitis A and B virus. Hepatitis A and B vaccines are available at all our major hospitals and health care centers.
Every child should be vaccinated against Hepatitis B, which can be prevented by reaching every child with universal immunization program that include hepatitis B vaccine. All infants should receive the complete course of Hepatitis B vaccine, which is free up to the age of five. Although hepatitis A and B can be prevented with vaccines and are recommended for all children, no vaccine exists for hepatitis C, therefore, early detection and treatment can stop transmission and limit the disease.
  1. Fourth, once diagnosed with hepatitis, it is very important to see doctor and get proper and regular follow up testing and treatment whenever needed so as to limit the disease’s progression, prevent seriouscomplications like liver cancer and prevent its transmission to others. Proper diet and preventative measures can reduce the effects of hepatitis and medications can cure some people.
  2. The hepatitis B virus is not spread by contaminated food or water or touch and cannot be spread casually in the workplace..."

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