Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Chinese police beat a Tibetan man to death

Chinese police have beaten a Tibetan man to death in Khyungchu County in Ngaba.Guldrak, aged around 29, was arrested on August 8 for alleged involvement in a theft. Around 600 Tibetans including the family members of the deceased gathered outside the police station for a sit-in protest demanding explanation about Guldrak’s death in police custody.The police told the villagers that Guldrak committed suicide showing them a few items that they claim were stolen by Guldrak. However, the Tibetans did not believe the police’s version and insisted that Gudrak could neither have stolen anything nor committed suicide.The officials who tortured the Tibetan to death included the local Public Security Bureau chief Rinchen.
After hours of argument, the authorities accepted that he died in police custody due to beatings and agreed to pay 50,000 Yuan to Guldrak’s family for post-death rituals and another 500,000 Yuan for a thousand people, Kyab added.
Guldrak is survived by his father Rigo, mother Mihlo, wife Szhitruk and two children.

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