Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A Love letter

Hi dear,               At the foremost of this letter for you, I would like to seek your apology for making your life a little more complicated by bringing the case of love into your life because I know how life used to be simpler without this feeling. And at the second space in this letter, I want to thank you for accepting my love and sharing your love without which I would have still been a half person, desperately single, longing for you... This time people are saying that the love in the air and season is romantic and that's how I came to know of the approaching valentines day. Though it is not a tradition we follow to express our love on this particular day, it is also not acceptable to ignore this day since you have come into my life. So I am excited about this day... Over the years I have been with you, I have seen the changes you brought within yourself to accommodate another person in your life and I know it had been hard for you. I also know how much closer we have become in these few years... May be this is my good fortune to have met a person like you in this life that I needed not go through all the stuffs of changes to give way to your demands.  With the passage of time, may be I grew more granted and irresponsible with our relationship and I realise it every several hours in my everyday life. Sometimes I feel I have been much pampered with your love that I forget saying 'I Love You' leaving as if it is your duty to do so. Even though I knew the love and happiness you experience when I did express my love for you I think I have not hindered to it.  Today I understand everybody is not so lucky as me and I thank you for that.  However, you must keep it in your mind that you won't be able to find a person loving you more than I do. From the moment we were connected by heart, I have been living in two parts. My love for you have been a love for life with which I expect you to care for this mutual existence borne between the two of us.  Though there are many flaws in me as a human being but I am certain about the fact that there is the least flaw in my love for you. So with this letter I wanted to make it clear that no matter what happens in our life, I am a beating heart whose every beat is an assurance that you are by my side, safe and happy. It really doesn't matter whether I do express my love for you any often or not, it all matters is that I want you to remember that till I have not released the last breath from this body, I will keep loving you as I have loved you since I had proposed you.  With love, Your true half

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