Sunday, 19 February 2012

Love from the heart...

I never knew there were two kinds love ever before or may be I always knew that but never realised. Every body confronts different kind of situations in their life every day and that is how people are made to use their their mind and heart at different occasions didferently. There is a love from within the heart and a love from the machinery of thoughts, the mind. Though it is obvious to say that the love that comes from within the heart is very enduring and consistent, it is not a safe game. It is neither protected by self pride nor by self humiliation. So this kind of emotion is the kind which is self destructive without any insurance. This is because in this world, there are different kinds of people of which there are some who are strong enough to elude anyone for one's own benefit without any sympathy or empathy.
However the other love is the love from the mind that deals with great deal of security and self benefit. Though this kind of love is not the one most of people wish for, the majority of love we see around today are of this type. This kind of love is usually associated with whole lot of pretensions and eloquence. The main idea is let the moment go whether it is real or false in such a manner that the other side is madly in your control. In the end, you are not at all bothered whether the person you played with is alive after your time has gone.
So this is the beginning of a tougher world I guess...

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