Sunday, 30 September 2012

How to be safe on internet...

Privacy is in your hand:

The internet has become so sophisticated that you feel as if you and you alone are just accessing with what you are doing, which is false. When you are on the internet, your personal information provided by you will be literally visible to millions of others. Without any knowledge of the sources and proper precautions, your data might be easily intercepted by any third parties. Therefore it is best not share your pictures, name, contact details, etc., without proper knowledge of security in chats, forum or any other similar platforms.

Your money is never safe on internet:

This generation has become so much dependent on the internet and being safe on internet is at your own benefit. You need to be highly cautious while sharing your financial data on the web such as credit card number, account numbers, social security numbers or passwords, PIN codes. Though online transactions have become common, it is very insecure and millions of frauds are scrawling on the web. The best option is to use offline payment but when you need to use the online payment, you can use it through reputed service providers such as paypal which guarantee your privacy and security. Besides, the basic secure module of online financial transfers is use a secure sever encryption technology and this can be checked out from the browser address bar by seeing for 'HTTPS' rather than 'HTTP'.

ONLINE WORMS: Viruses, spywares or hackers

A good anti-virus software which provides complete protection against viruses, spyware, worms, etc., is the best solution against these online threats. But it is not just enough to install the program as the bad guys on the other hand are highly skilled and up to date. Therefore, it is also important to learn about the software and learn how to use it for the best possible output and set the adjustments to the optimum settings.

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