Monday, 17 September 2012

Basic online security module for common people: (https)

The most common mode of internet sharing among common people who are not technically trained in the field is through the e-mails and mobile phones. But the truth is that people doing this kind of sharing may have significant role in the real life and have very important political role! So it is necessary for any commoner to be aware of the basic modules of being safe on internet when they are using it on the important matters so as to be secure from the stalkers and any sort of eavesdropping.
The most common internet communication protocol is the hyper text transfer protocol(HTTP) which is the standard internet communication protocol. But this protocol is not that much secure and the communication carried out over a computer network through this is prone to man-in-the middle attacks. So the valuable information is not anymore authentic and secret. So the advise to anyone who is sharing any kind of personal or political information on internet that is not intended to be shared to any third party is to use the services which us the communication protocol written as HTTPS which stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. Though HTTP Secure itself is not a protocol, it is http layered with SSL/TLS protocol; which provide security over internet.
The HTTP Secure provides security from eavesdropping, tampering or theft of the client's content of communication by adding a bidirectional encryption of communication between the user and the web server and thus becomes unreadable for any third party intruders. Though HTTPS is not the complete solution of online security, it is the most standard and basic module a common man can use easily.
The HTTPS has been used for providing security for the online transactions and later used to protect the authenticity of wide range of websites and online accounts.

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