Sunday, 4 November 2012

UN-Pillay: China must urgently address the Human Rights issues in TIBET

Statement from Navi Pillay, UN Human Rights Chief:
"I am disturbed by the continuing allegations of violence against Tibetans seeking to exercise their fundamental human rights of freedom of expression, association and religion. The reports of detentions and disappearances, of excessive use of force against peaceful demonstrators, and curbs on the cultural rights of Tibetans.
I have had several exchanges with the Chinese Government on these issues. But more needs to be done to protect human rights and prevent violations.I call on the Government to respect the rights to peaceful assembly and expression, and to release all individuals detained for merely exercising these universal rights.
I recognise Tibetans’ intense sense of frustration and despair which has led them to resort to such extreme means, but there are other ways to make those feelings clear. The Government also needs to recognise this, and permit Tibetans to express their feelings without fear of retribution.
Social stability in Tibet will never be achieved through heavy security measures and suppression of human rights. Deep underlying issues need to be addressed, and I call on the Government to seriously consider the recommendations made to it by various international human rights bodies, as well as to avail itself of the expert advice being offered by the UN’s independent experts on human rights.
My office also stands ready to assist constructively on these issues in the region and promoting best practices from around the world with regard to protection of minorities."

Last Friday, the UN Chief for Human Rights seemed to have made a serious statement against the Chinese government regarding the longstanding issue of Tibet and solve the demands of Tibetans whose protests are escalating at an alarming rate, including self-immolation. Though she also suggested to the Tibetans that they are other forms expressing the grievances rather than such extreme forms like self immolation. She also pointed out that there are around 12 outstanding requests for official visit to Tibet from UN special Rapporteurs on Human rights issues. She also urged China to follow the recommendations made by various international bodies to the government of China.

Our take:

But this is also to request the UN bodies to kindly take more serious steps in addressing the grievances of Tibetans rather than just issuing some statements or making requests! Because you have already pointed out 12 outstanding requests of visit to Tibet and you know very well how many statements have already been issued from UN as well as other international bodies. So if you just keep doing those that don't yield any results, you are waiting for more lives of innocent Tibetans. You have also mentioned not to assort to extreme measures of protest like self immolation but this has become the responsibility of Tibetans because international offices tend to care about only when it rises to such an extend of extremity! 

A lot of Tibetans dwell out of Tibet, away from the direct repression of China but this does not mean that we are free. We are always involved with the Tibet issues and that is not free. The loss of every single Tibetan life is of so much regret and they are precious to cause of Tibet which has a very less population at the very first. About 63 Tibetans have set themselves to fire since 2009 and this will keep going if the Chinese officials tend not to address the issue!
The responsibility is with all of us. Saving Tibet is not just an issue of Tibetans rather it is a cause of whole humanity.

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