Friday, 2 November 2012

What does security mean in Beijing this once in a decade power handover?

The communist regime in China is gearing up for its once in a decade power transition that is said to take place on November 8. With the stink of Bo Xilai on China's political elite, they have convened the Communist Party's Central Committee behind the doors to conclude the appointments before the event of the transition coming up next week. Though the central committee of 500 senior members hold up the convention, the larger congress that consists of around 2000 party members are set to appoint the Vice President Xi Jinping after Hu Jintao and Vice Premier Li Keqiang to replace Premier Wen.
Now the weird thing in Beijing is that tight security is said to have been deployed for the next week. This tight security include hilariously things like closing the passenger seat windows for the Taxis so as to prevent pamphlet distributions. The use anti-government speech and writings is not allowed and it is considered as a threat to the national security in Beijing while it comes to be a birth right to speak out against the government for the rest of the world.
The drivers have been told to look frequently in their for ambiance so as to ensure there are no reactionary materials affixed. They have also been directed to seal the passenger doors as the windows and not allow the passengers their freedom of doing so.
The other bizarre targets of security officials in Beijing include selling of remote operated toys and helicopters. Besides any balls or balloons have put on the black list. In another citation, it is also found that pigeon owners were ordered to keep their birds in their coops.
This is a clear sign of backwardness of China in the name of their political and governmental forwardness. Use of any non-violent protest against the policies and formations of the governments are allowed every other parts of world. This is also an indication of how volatile the Chinese government is. The centuries old system of governance is in the a high risk with the advancement of this information age and it is time they conceded their lies that has disturbed the life many millions including the Chinese themselves as well as the Tibetans, the Mongolian parts, etc.
Wake Up China!

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