Friday, 17 May 2013

China sentences Tibetan writer to 5-year jail term

A Tibetan writer arrested on the first day of the New Year has been sentenced to five years of imprisonment for writing a book whose contents are considered “too political” by the Chinese government.According to media reports, on 14 May 2013, a Chinese court in Tsekhong County, Malho Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture sentenced 36-yr old Gartse Jigme to a five-year jail term for writing a sensitive book titled “btsen poi snying stobs” loosely translated as “The Emperor's Valour”.On Jan 1 this year Chinese authorities from Gartse township in Rebkong county of Malho prefecture,unexpectedly entered the young writer’s residence and secretly arrested him after searching his house and computer.
The authorities cited objection to the political contents in the second volume of his book “btsen poi snying stobs” loosely translated as “The Emperor's Valour” as the reason for his arrest and also banned its publication. Subsequently, he was detained in Siling city and later moved to Rebkong County for further detention.
36 year old Gartse Jigme was born in Gartse Township in Rebkong county of Malho prefecture and is a Gartse monastery monk. From 1999 onwards he engaged in contemporary writing and won several awards. His first collection of essays called “bsam bzhigs nyul ba'i zin tho” loosely translated as “Diary of wandering thoughts” was greatly appreciated by the readers. In 2003 he graduated in Pharchin (Prajaniparamitra) Ramjampa and also mastered all the five major Buddhist texts.
courtesy: dossiertibet

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