Friday, 3 January 2014

A Glance at the year 2013

Today, the time on the clock is although past the midnight hour, the mood is still young with the cracks of the fireworks and the out pour of messages on the phone welcoming yet again another new year. It feel like the 2013 started just yesterday and today I am bidding my farewell. We have faced with the phrase, time flies and we can realize it only after the time have actually flied. Though there is nothing new about a new year, it is still filling me up with fresh hopes and determination as well as a gratitude for having survived for another year on this hectic world. 

I started the year 2013 with the end of my third semester exams and yet again I am starting 2014 with the end of my fifth semester exams. It really feels just a routine and nothing so new. However, there is still so much new this time, the memories down the lane are little more stacked up than last year, much more changes in the way I look up to the world and a little more evolved person I feel today. There is this feeling that I am growing a year older and feel like gaining another ring like that of a tree. 

Having a glance at the past year is not at all easy! The easiest way to define that year is that I don't remember much and just like that, forget it. Hmmm... that sounds so cowardice to me... The past is always the best teacher in my opinion and I can not let it get just swept out of the memory. To a great extend, the past year had been much the same personally, having to attend the classes and going through the same routine. But the world had seen a lot of great changes... There were many moments of joy as well as pain too. 
My own cause, the Tibet issue have so vibrant and popped out at the headlines around the world much more often than the past years. With the very sensitive and heart lurching act of self immolations cout touching upto 26 people most of whom passed away. This is rate is more than a couple of Tibetan commiting to self immolation every month in the year 2013! 
However, the 2013 also saw the assuming of the offices of Beijing government by another set of new generation leaders presided by Mr. Xi. This transition of power in Beijing turned out to extremely critical from around the world, spreading various rays of hope for a slight change in the one of the most media censored and corrupted country in world! This hope grew stronger with some prominent amendments of their governing policies during the Third Plenum that was conclude quite recently.
The year 2013 had been more updated to me personally which could implicate that I have been connected to this imformation age. The hazards of monsoon in India have created historic imprints upon the impression of Indian governance system, unvieling the cracks and crevices neglected by the governments across India in the stream of public safety. The presumed death toll during this hazard is said around 5700 from which about a thousand are considered to be locals of the regions and the rest includes tourists, pilgrims and so on... When these memories reflect back in my mind, I can only pour my prayers for the coming years to be free of such hazards.
The mysery of 2013 can neglect the fact of the civil war going on in Syria where an alleged use of sarin, a deadly chemical weapon against the protesters created fuzzes acround the world. Amidst this unrest in Syria rendered about 2 millions refugees and about 120,000 killed! The count for the myseries that unrooted out in 2013 is never ending here.

The year passed is always a mark of human civilization whether that has good stories or extremely painful ones to be heard. Personally, the Tibetans in Tibet have actually had a tough year. There were extreme repression, torture and restrictions in their daily lives when all they have been doing was demanding the basic human rights that too in their own country! The call for the justice of Tibetans especially inside Tibet has been going on around the world and this is going to spread, expand and grow in the future too.

So today is a day of mixed emotion. There is a bit of sadness or nervousness that another year of my life has flown away taking me a little closer to the day of final ceremony of life while at the same time, there is this happiness and excitement that I have lived another year in this uncertain world! With this clear completion of a year I am now yet again entering into a blank idea of another year ahead. So, this is must be the right moment to make the choices I guess. Lets choose to be more hard working and more serious with the passage of everyday time too because time flies and we might just keep watching it. Lets have a rock and roll year 2014 with the world.

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