Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The World is not enough!

It is none the less listlessly bustling in all the cities I have gone and that confirmed my conviction that people are not aware of the single days they live with. Each day is a replication of the previous days as if there isn’t any new day with a new beginning! Officials remain engrossed in their offices, labourers keep taking rounds, sales people keep babbling in the shops and the rest keep pouring to their offers. Sometimes I turn myself blank amidst all those rush and commotion, losing the idea who I was and go through a difficult feeling. Because humanity is not about just making a living, it is futile to see wide gaps between every individual. I believe every single man should be a friend of everybody and there should be no difference in treatment of anyone. Love is something that can not be illustrated and being loved is very overwhelming. May be it is the ill effect of being loved that I can not stand any harsh reaction even from a stranger. Then I make a wish for a complete silence on this hectic world in which minute every individual would fall at ease. This minute would be the moment where no one is struck in the strain of meeting their greed. Because in such a state, I believe in the reflection of pure human character by everybody and there would be peace. I have an intuition telling the growth of affection among everyone when we would stand in such a state of composure. Thus I hope for a better world, where our mouth speaks not but our heart and we realize of the way we live our life. When we groom this basic affection among us, we lead the world to a deck of peace, respect and love. Hence we forget the self, its needs and the greed. After all, happiness is perpetual to such a paradox of any age.

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