Monday, 19 September 2011

A note of the Sunday leisure

Today, I am at my room earlier than the usual days as it is the advent of the weekend. My college got over in just three hours of class. I had been waiting for this time to come from first day of this week but when this time is in my hand, I feel quite lazy to execute all the plans I have made for this. Frankly speaking, I am not able to find a purpose to spend the time for. I don't feel like learning some academic materials though it is obviously the first and the most important option I have in the hand. So this choice of mind has rendered me with an idle brain and this is what is bothering me to jot down this one. ThoughI I really don't have anything else to do at the moment, I can not rest at peace too.

"Empty mind is a devil's workshop"

Though this is not what I am afraid of just staying idle like this, I do have a sense in the fact that nothing can buy time. 

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