Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Parking crisis in Bangalore and New Delhi goes global

There was a recent news paper report saying that the parking crisis in India goes highly global. The technological giant IBM has carried out a recent research about the parking crisis occurring around the and they have done it based in twenty promising cities across the world. Among the twenty cities, two cities come from India, i.e., New Delhi and Bengaluru. The worst part was that the two worst cities according to the pain of parking suffered by the commuters were the only Indian cities.
Though India is one of the most populous country in the world, it is also seen that the main reason for the cause of such parking crisis did not come from that. One of the main reasons for the cause of such parking crisis in Delhi and Bangalore was the rude manner of the people on the roads seeking parking spaces. The sans of common sense as well as civil responsibility and short temper lead to high tension in the commercial as well as official hot spots in these cities. At least 90% of the total commuters on these roads get into some quarrels every once in a year trying to find a parking space.
We all know that India is one of the most important states of the world in all terms. It is also seen that the future of India lies beyond the role that the US is playing today but with such poor scene of people's behaviour, it is hard to imagine a fast growing India. There are many dreams, predictions as well as calculations upon the Indian state by the next decade. However, there are such issues of public irresponsibility that is dragging the nation back.

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