Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Smoke of Burning Tibet invisible?

The words of humble pleas and bows of sympathetic begging has turned their heads off now. The smell of a burning human body stimulated hopes of freedom and liberation. 

But something was forgotten by all of us Tibetans. When the so called People's Liberation Army itself stole our liberation away, how could anyone for liberation from their hands. No matter how much you would plead, it doesn't matter how much you beg from them, it looks like they are having fun at the pain of others.

What else could anyone do then to burn oneself? This is not to smudge of the vision of the Chinese rather to alert the world that there is something really hot going on inside Tibet through the sight of the smoke and the smell of the burning live body. 

There is nothing more to lose by losing the body when everything was there to lose is lost. This is not a warning against the Chinese, this is a warning against the whole world that if we didn't stand up for Tibet today, there is going to be hundreds of Tibet tomorrow. The smoke of ten burning human bodies is obviously difficult to clear out.

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