Sunday, 9 October 2011

Watchman who donated 1lakh Rupees

Today, I have a very interesting news to share with my readers that I came to know through the Times of India news paper. Yellappa Kalasannanavar is a 43 year old bachelor who works as a watchman as well as a cleaner of a Kannada-Medium government school in a village called Gamangatti in the state of Karnataka, India. This person has been in association with the school since last 25 years and he says that the school and its children is his home thus he also said that he has a very special bond with the institute.

Yellappa is a generous and dedicated person who has a special sense of responsibility toward his duties. He has been unsatisfied with the improvements he has seen with the school he worked for and he was specially concerned with the poor resource availed for the students of such schools. In the mid of September this year, he donated a sum of one lakh rupees; which constituted the 50% of all his savings, to the school and wanted the poor students to benefit with his donation.
He was acknowledged of his virtuous deed from the people of the village and specially from the members of the school. The management did felicitate him for the generous act and the principal of the school said that Yellappa has set an example of generosity and he said that they are going to use the donated fund to provide notebooks for the students.

This news is such an inspiring one that it originally came to notice from the news paper to my friend Lhamo Tashi and later came into my notice under his suggestion. Though my friend was also very much interested in sharing this story with the readers of TJ, he requested me to share here as he was running through a tight schedule with large number of exams lined up in by his nose tips. Hope everybody has got inspired going through this story and my humblest request is just to pay Mr. Yellappa your little word of appreciations and good luck. 

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