Monday, 30 January 2012

Reinstating SGIG

Today I have felt free to write here about the ongoing projecting that I started about three years ago. It was when I was in the high school with lots of dreams about the outside world. That time, I started a group called Students' General Improvement Group with help of my friends in the school. There were not that much of things that we could do during that period, being under a discipline.

SGIG was formed with a group of twenty two students in Tibetan Homes School during the year 2008. The principles of the group are based upon interdependence, universal responsibility and brotherhood. Tibetan Homes School is like every other Tibetan school, a home to thousands of young Tibetan kids who arrive from Tibet, most of them devoid of any supporting family. These students are taken care of by the foundation under the grace of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, providing a home away from home and education.

The group functioned in 4 different ways:

1.Helping with Language barrier -
                                 There has been many students newly arriving from Tibet to our school and this posed a language barrier to those new students. We tried to help them breach that barrier by organizing English and Tibetan language classes by the senior students during the off-academic hours in our school. It was aimed at providing an additional guide to what the teachers teach them in their regular class.

2. Promotion of Awareness -
                               This part of activities included holding demonstrations and presentations during mass assemblies. The topics of discussion were chosen according to the trend and its need. For example, stress management during exam season, water borne diseases during monsoon, etc...

3. Writing and Reading habit -
                                  We also organised essay competitions among the students announcing attractive cash prizes from our fund. This included both in English and Tibetan languages for all levels of students.

4. Environment Care -
                                 As part of human responsibility, we also worked at cleaning the surroundings of our community during the weekends. This was aimed at providing an initiative responsibility among the locals towards environment. This provided an additional coverage to our environment upon the activities performed by our environment club.

This is the story of SGIG till now and we are planning at more impressive activities from here on.

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