Sunday, 1 January 2012

Yet another kalachakra... and it's the 36th time now...

I know a saying; 'Time and tide wait for none', and it comes out be something I really like today. The most famous and the most important religious activity of Tibetan buddhism presided by H. H. The Dalai Lama is happening again this season and it is the 32th time today. What I was wondering was that though from this 32 times, at least 6 times has been happening in my life time and yet I have failed to attend a single time! This is what ticked me with the saying I mentioned above. Though this time I had a great chance of being at the centre of the earth: Bodh-Gaya, the coincidence with my exam schedule held me back.

The Kalachakra has always meant differently to different people though it always meant to be a great opportunity. There is a large group Of people to whom this auspicious event also corresponds to a season of family reunion. Whether the reunion takes place for people from different parts of India or from Tibet or abroad, this has always been a great opportunity for such reunions.
Well there is also a group of people to whom the season of Kalachakra means a very good opportunity for commercial prowess. Be it for petty vendors selling fancy accessories or restrauners or any other business, this event, attracting whole bunch of people from across the world provides an unbeatable commercial success.
Not to forget, another group that is exceptionally blessed by this event of religious importance is the large numbers of beggars that haul at the site. They receive lots of grants from all kinds of people present at the event. During this period of religious activities, these beggars get the chance build a little more fat in their body with dishes heheh receive and survive for a good period with the money they collect from the event.
However, the most important group of the people and the majority of them attending the Kalachakra are the pious and faithful followers of H. H. The Dalai Lama which include most or the elderlies attend the event primarily to receive the blessings of His Holiness and pray for the world peace.

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