Saturday, 7 January 2012

Let's think about what you want to believe...

Ever since I was a child, I remember being afraid doing any harmful acts towards the other animals because I loved myself. This is how I believed I would be safe and secure from all the odd situations in life. Besides, I never knew whether god really existed or it was just a heavenly being without any phisical significance.
The most common resolution every common human being would assort to in times of adversity is to make a prayer for the god expecting a miracle from his side but nobody has ever told me of such miracle ever existing. Rather I have heard and seen many people losing the faith and belief in god after the hope they had in the heavenly grace of god showed no yield before them.
And to almost every common people I have ever known, they find a synonymous link between god and religion.
But with the course of time like the flowers of the hedges that keeps up with the pace of the changing season, my fear of causing harm to other animals is not the same as well as the look into the cause and effect in our life is perfectly independent. However I am always anxious about thinking it perfectly independent, so let me keep it to very independent.
As being a human, I have always tried to keep my consciousness towards all the happenings in my life and it is this consciousness that aborts me from causing any harm towards the others realising the same situation upon oneself. This is true to everyone and no body can ever bear the fact of such illness towards oneself!
Today it is not really important for me whether god is really there or not. The most important thing to be kept in mind is the purpose of this life; the purpose as a human being. Religion is what we believe the teaching of those heavenly beings that lived in the past. This religion is not just a sacred buch of books to be worshipped and kept as holy as not to be touched! Rather this is the guide to every single human to find the purpose of this life by studying and understanding what it teaches...
Not every sentient being achieves the opportunity to be born as a human being in such an auspicious juncture of time and fate like the grace of the 21st century. So it is most likely to best if you could find the purpose of your life and strive for it.

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