Thursday, 16 August 2012

Bangalore and the Tibetans : Rumours or real?

Yesterday, after the extensive spread of the news about the hunt for the Assamese people in Bangalore by the Muslims and in addition to the fact of one Tibetan being stabbed in Mysore in public has panicked the Tibetan students and other look-alike fellows. It affected to such an extend that many students usually dwelling outside on their own took shelter at Tibetan Youth Hostel in Koramangala! They were frightened by the spread of the mouth that people come knocking on their doors in the night!
Though many of them are still trying to follow the usual routine, a lot of Tibetans have already returned to their settlements near by. Some colleges have already declared holidays for 10-15 days but still most of the colleges remain normal and working. Though there are many rumours spread around about beatings as well as rapes against north east and Nepalese in the city, no official report has ever been reported and the officials suggest of no any such issues threatening the livelihood of the Assamese and the look-alike people in the state.
Similarly, Tibetans usually living in Mysore for education and business purpose are all reported to have already shifted from the city to their own settlements in the fear of the wake of the violence spreading.
The dilemma among the students due to all these problems is that they have no easy choice in the hand. It is fine for those who have been declared holidays but for most of them, it is still not declared and they are struck out there. Whether to attend to the classes regularly or to remain indoors avoiding any chance of such rumours to ruin their is the big question lying in front of them.
The truth is that as many as 6000 people from Assam  and its regions have already fled from Bangalore following the so called rumours of violence against them since this Wednesday!

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