Friday, 17 August 2012

What is the Truth in Bangalore?

Since last two three days here in Bangalore, thousands of people from the north east region especially Assam has fled to their natives fearing the so called rumours about rise of violent assaults against these people and their look-alike. 
The truth here in Bangalore despite of all the press releases and encouraging words from the government and the officials, people are all confused and extremely deterred by fear!
Though the situation is claimed to be a total rumour, but there are lots of severe incidents against the Assamese and their look-alike narrated by the people across Bangalore. Here I have tried to bring out some of incidents spread among people.
  • Though the occurrence of beatings against the target ethnic people are to a most extend true, only some of them have been reported by media, many such beatings have not been reported and though those actually occurred. From these many have succeeded in escaping from the scene while some were hurt to some extend.
  • Another dominating incident spread among the public is the case of raping against several girls in some colleges. This is said to have occurred with the advantage of the situation against the target people.
  • One of the most peculiar incident that is heard from the public is that a north east couple returning from a movie theater were striped on the road and made to go to their room nude! However the time was during night time.
  • Stabbing against a Tibetan in Mysore though became serious and widespread news, there were many such incidents said to have occurred out in Bangalore though not to that extend. Some people were attacked near ATM booths while some were when even in the moving rickshaw!
The situation though is seriously claimed from the official sides to be a total rumour, most of the North East and the look-alike students have left Bangalore following the acceptance of leave from the respective colleges while the colleges still remain working excluding only some Girls Colleges which were declared not working for sometime.
This is extremely serious from any side of view because by merely saying the situation is just a wake against rumours is not going to ensure security to anyone. People are highly exposed to this news that people with this look are brought to an extreme sideline everywhere!

Note: The views expressed above are all pertaining to what is heard from the people and not based on any press or official reports.

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