Thursday, 30 August 2012

Tibetan Homes Foundation completes 50 years of service:

THS which might be a word of mistake for anyone, it will always remain the most reminiscent word that I can ever hear. Tibetan Homes School which is under the organisational name of Tibetan Homes Foundation is the place that shaped into the human I am today. Pioneer in the field of educating the Tibetans in India, it has elaborated its grace and elegance in the life of thousands of people in the course of its fifty years of excellent service in Tibetan community.
Founded in the year of 1962, just two years after the exiled Tibetan community took shelter in India, THF came into being in the city, Mussoorie in the then Uttar Pradesh. Though this institution started from a group of only a few people then, today it is one of the premier educational institutions in our exile community that is responsible for the welfare of more than 2500 Tibetan children! With its sprawling campus in the beautiful city of Mussoorie now in Uttarkhand, it also takes care of many helpless old aged Tibetans.
Happy valley brings me a great sense of satisfaction and it is also filled with uncountable stories of innocence and happiness. The twelve years I spent there in this institution has been the decision maker of my life.
The life in THF is something I can not find anywhere else. The way we wake up so hardly every early morning at the call of our foster parents, followed by the morning prayers and the duty calls are still so special and hard to find. The rush to the school, the whistle of Gyen Dhondup la, the rush to catch up the morning assembly all remain so fresh still today.
The classes go on so sincerely from every teacher and sometimes many students fail to pay attention go to sleep in the class when the teacher comes out to be someone not known for any sort of strict punishment. On other days, the picnics to Hathi Pawn, Kempty Fall after so much request to the teachers used to be the best way to spend the holidays and it still seems the same today.
Now that it is celebrating fifty years of successful service in our community I am extremely graced to see the history taking its form.
On this auspicious occasion, the event is going to be brightened by the presence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Dr. Lobsang Sangay. The Golden Jubilee celebration of Tibetan Homes Foundation taking place between September 17 to 21 will witness the gathering of large number of its alumni from around the world.

Congratulations TIBETAN HOMES FOUNDATION and we love you...

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