Saturday, 6 October 2012

Another Tibetan burns self: Now 54

Sangye Gyatso,27 has burnt himself on fire this afternoon from Amdo region of North-Eastern Tibet to protest against the Chinese repressive invasions and policies imposed in Tibet. He torched himself near a Stupa close to Dhokar monastery in Tsoe township of Kanlho, Amdo and later succumbed to the injury. The sources also say that the man leaves behind a seven year old son and a six year old daughter to face the pain of his sacrifice.
This man who self immolated today is the latest of Tibetans to burn oneself and the second person to self immolate in the last three days. After the self immolation of the Tibetan writer Gudrup in central Tibet on 4th October 2012, Sangye mounts the total number Tibetans self immolating since March 2012 to 54! From the total of 54 Tibetans, 44 of them succumbed to the injuries of the burn and lost their lives.
The heightened situation rising from inside Tibet is highly sensitive and it decides the live and death of lot more Tibetans. So, this is to urge all the individuals, groups, organisations, personalities and Governments around the world to kindly not ignore the situation and raise their voices against the Chinese government!

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