Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Three Tibetans Self-immolate in TIBET again!

The Beijing government has allegedly blamed His Holiness the Dalai Lama and his followers responsible for the endless chain of self immolation practices occurring most seriously inside Tibet. At least three Tibetans have assorted to self immolation since last weekend which now piles up the record of total such cases among Tibetans to around 60 since 2009!
On 20th October 2012, a father of two, Mr. Lhamo Kyap from Amdo Bora had self immolated in Sangchu part of Tibet who also succumbed to the burns and lost the life on the spot. Then on 22nd October 2012, a monk from Drepung Monastery sacrificed his precious life for the cause of Tibet and the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama back to Tibet. Dhondup was 61 years old and that has made him the oldest Tibetan self immolated till now! Yet again, yesterday, on 23rd October 2012, an old Tibetan identified as Dorjee Rinchen who is 58 set himself on fire near a Chinese Army camp in the same county as the previous two and this was followed by a minor scuffle between the Chinese authorities and the local Tibetans over there.

Now the situation in Tibet is coming to such an extreme of nearly losing a Tibetan with the passage of every single day and this situation still being taken as a matter of blame game to be won by the Chinese authorities. Just a few days before only, the American ambassador to Beijing, Mr. Locke made a visit to Ngaba part of Tibet which wasn't followed by any comment on the ongoing self immolation! Though they have serious ties and responsibilities to see to, it will never bring any peace to the world by ignoring the grave issue of Tibet. It was an obvious hope from Mr. Locke's visit to express about his experience of what is going on in Tibet that is propelling such extreme method of protest again and again without any fear of dying under fire alive!

So the question is now what is going to happen with the Tibetans? We have only six million people of which around 1.5 million were killed during the national uprising in Tibet in 1959 and following revolutions against the occupation by the Communist China. Now a continues chain of Tibetans a giving up their lives by self immolation to which the world is just creating media sense and nothing worthwhile and effective till now!

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