Friday, 5 October 2012

Tibetan Self Immolation; not a fashion in patriotism

The wave of continuous Tibetan self immolation that has been coming out of Tibetan people over the past years has perplexed the countries across the borders. The unbelievably large number of people assorting to the practice of self immolation has been something confusing initially but with larger number of people taking the step proved to be less effective! But the truth is that the pain inflicted upon the Tibetans has been extremely huge that it has become hard to imagine for the outer world!
As a Tibetan relishing the freedom of living beyond the reach of Chinese government, we are not at all satisfied with the kind of reaction shown from any part of the world to the mountain large number of Tibetans torching their bodies selflessly. The extend of pain came to such a bound that Tibetans in exile also assorted to the practice of self immolation. So it is my humble prayers to the deceased and those in pain to have their sacrifices not be in vain and reach the extend of success for the freedom to Tibet.
But now again, Tibetan intellectual, who is a writer, poet and a blogger has assorted to self immolation and passed away on the spot of practice. Gudrup though an learned member of the Tibetan society, torched his body alive for the same demands that the earlier 52 people had torched themselves! It is not a fashion of expressing one's aspirations through burning oneself that many people seem to conceive from the Tibetan because fashion is found somewhere there is freedom. Burning oneself on fire is not a joke and I can bet that no other national can find such a large number of people of sacrificing for the cause of their people through self immolation in the entire millenniums to come.
"My brothers and sisters of the land of the snows, although, looking back at our past, we have nothing but a sense of loss, anger, sadness and tears, I pray that the coming new year of the Water Dragon brings you health, success and the fulfillment of aspirations." writes Gudrup, the Tibetan writer who self immolated in Nagchu town of Central Tibet on 4th October 2012.
Now the count is 53, which is nowhere to be seem through the entire history of the world and nowhere to be imagined in the entire millennium, what will follow now? China openly refuses opening of Indian Consulate in Lhasa, Australia Investigative visit to Tibet but still the world is not unanimously waking against the open crunch of human rights and torture going on there.
Raise your voice and help save the Tibetan lives and their freedom. The Hu Jintao reign is at the dusk and most probably Xi Jingping is at the dawn and we would like request Xi not steps on the footprints stained with bloodshed and rethink with a genuine human touch about the cause of Tibet.

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