Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The role of Tibetan youth in our struggle for the freedom

Human rights, equality, justice, fraternity and so on come from basic understandings that come from education. My country Tibet is a very controversial issue today and I bear a huge lump of responsibility on this sensitive issue. It is a wide ranging propaganda today that the people’s liberation army of China has been fiddling with the human rights of us Tibetans pretending to be liberating the erstwhile Tibet. But I have been constantly disturbed by the very fact that the erstwhile Tibet was itself highly restrained in inequality and injustice in contrary to the state of independence. So, I have always founded a set of objects in my mind about the fate of Tibet that our purpose would not be only freeing Tibet from People Republic of China [PRC] but also to construct the basic human rights and democracy in a free Tibet.
The history of the world defines Tibet as a free nation but it has been annexed by the PRC claiming highly falsified evidences to the world at large. Despite the truth of our struggle, none of the other countries fully support in our pursuit. This is because of the gigantic role of china playing in the world of economy. So, our dream of restoring the free Tibet with force never had a base and it is impossible too. We all are aware of the very fact that our army in the erstwhile nation Tibet never had significance at the time of Chinese invasion. Besides, our belief is non-violence and preaching of peace. We are the follower of the lord Buddha shouldering the responsibility of blessing the 21st century community with Buddhism. And nonviolent and compassion is the most important teaching of Buddhism. Therefore, the mode of restoring the free Tibet with fore has never been an option for us. This year, we commemorated the 50th year of our existence in exile and it was really sensitive. Yet, I hear many people saying that 50 years is not too long for our struggle. It is actually the duration of life span of an individual. So, I had to debate within myself for why it was not a long period in our struggle. It could be a superficial declamation of an individual to keep the hope of our struggle alive or it could be imparting a great meaning too. I have felt that our leaders have said the above statement boldly because fact lied somewhere in our generation. The struggle for our country has to be inherited in succession for generations and it is only the youth; the growing population that would decide the fate of our struggle.
Over the last 50 years of our struggle, the strongest effort has been put in the field of providing education. The government of our struggle took form in the exile house to reflect the future state of our government. Our government in exile is based on democracy and it commits to form a training court of the growing Tibetans for the government of Tibet. So, it is quite clear that the youth have the responsibility to carry on this struggle of generation.
From another perspective upon myself being the youth of this Tibetan society in exile, I also have the responsibility to preserve the very identity of the Tibetans. Because Tibetans inside Tibet are tightly suppressed by the violent forces, they are not in a position to hold the purity of our identity. We know that the Chinese forces are imposed inside Tibet to demolish the constructions of our heritage and malfunction of  successive preservation of our culture and religion from generation to generation. I have often been sent into dismal by reports of thousands of common Chinese population into Tibet rendering Tibetans inferior ethics of the Chinese like alcoholics, prostitutes, and the pure line development of Tibetans inside Tibet is impossible. A greater proportion of the Tibetans inside Tibet exposed to these new faces are wasted by them. The Chinese policy of this type is bringing Tibetans addicted to the substance abuse are mostly laden with deadly infections. So, the main purpose is to destroy the very foundation population of Tibetans in Tibet. Being in exile, far away from suppressions, youth of a Tibetans in exile have the responsibility to retain the requirements of a Tibetan to produce the very population. Our accessibility to facts and justice should not be in rain rather it should be used to construct the marred structure of freedom inside Tibet. We are accessible to all the forms of studies and freedom and this should be used to raise richness in its own heritages as well as modern education. The struggle of a nation depends a lot on the enormity of the youth proportion of its population. It is the youth of a population that will take the course of struggle. In this course of the struggle, the population must be versed in its own cultural and traditional values so as to preserve the very identity. This very identity involves the nationalistic and the patriotic attributes of oneself too. On the other hand, our population must be efficiently good in the modern education so as to make this struggle in this modern world effective and binding. Convincing the modern face of the world must produce reliable evidence so is the necessity of the modern education inevitable in our population. Tibetans going to schools in Tibet are deprived of many rights. They are never provided the free access information as well as free thoughts. They are mould into Tibetans of different mindset and nurtured in ignorance. They are brainwashed and not builders of our freedom. The current population in our society exposed to very good traditional aspects lack the basic foundations of the modern education. Hence they cannot be regarded as the functional units of our struggle. What is left is the youth in exile, which is going to take the course of our struggle. Thus, where I fall is upon the conclusion that the youth of our population has the pivotal role in our struggle for the freedom and we can’t stay blind folded forever.

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