Sunday, 30 September 2012

Wen Jiabao: "China has still a long way to go"

Ahead of retirement in the coming month, the Chinese Premier Wen has expressed his regrets of failure to implement reforms in political arena at a reception of the party diplomats held in Beijing today. Mr. Wen pointed at the resistance he faced from within the party that prevented him from implementing institutional reforms in China that includes political arena to open up the rigid one party state of Mao. While also expressed of his regrets he also spoke of his pride about the achievements in the field of economic, cultural, social as well as political advancements.
Though other party members of the state were also present at the reception, Mr. Wen was the only one who expressed the aspirations of a reformed China. Mr. Hu and Mr. Zhou were also present and they stood tied to the ideals of the primitive communist party.
However, it is nice to hear as a Tibetan that Mr. Wen stood hard on his words about the opening-up policy and make China a modern socialist, democratic and prosperous peaceful country!
Though Wen pointed that China still has a long way to get to this harmonious, advanced level of democratic country, he sternly expressed the importance of reforms.
Lets hope for the change...


  1. never trust a chinese communist!

  2. The Chinese communist are not only not trust worthy, they are open master of open massacre! Its time for them to decline...