Thursday, 20 June 2013

Flood Fury in Majnu Ka Tila again!

The normally bustling market with flavours of Tibet in the air wore a dark and dank look on Wednesday as the Yamuna's waters flooded many homes in the Tibetan refugee colony at Majnu Ka Tila, Ring Road. But families held on to their homes hoping that the river would recede soon. 

The road along the river and the lanes leading into the colony from the bank were submerged. Frantic residents were seen pulling out furniture, bedding, clothes and valuables from flooded rooms to higher floors. Memories of the 2010 floods came alive as the investments made by the community to keep the water out failed. With no electricity and only a little water saved in tanks, the families watched the river helplessly from their terraces. 

Cafe Plus, a recently open cafe with large variety of items in their menu claiming to be more than a cafe had to shift all its wares to higher level terraces and close it just few days after opening! With large investments already put into the cafe, it is really a reckless monsoon preparation by every level of responsible authority. The place is located just below the New Sakya House and now it is filled with at least 4 feet water! Having successfully run for the last few days with lots of happenings with the love and appreciation of their large swarm of opening customers, the dual owner of the Cafe+ looks forward to being able to resume their business soon.

In the midst of all this shifting, women and men come out to share fears that the river water had brought snakes to the colony. Some people shrieked as a snake was pulled out by a resident from the water. They watched horrified and children gathered for a closer look. The excitement was short-lived as someone noticed that the water had risen further. 

The colony on Tuesday, the residents living along the riverside were patient and fearless about the rising water. They believed that the water level would not rise to take over their homes like before as they had reinforced their buildings. But the efforts seemed to have had no impact on Wednesday. 

The colony famous for being a mini-Tibet showcasing the native culture at its best is in news every monsoon. Located on the edge of the Yamuna, it is flooded every time the river rises. In the flood of 2010 many houses here were filled with water and people had to move to the upper floors.

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