Tuesday, 18 June 2013

NCP leader: Indian central government must support the Tibet cause

16th July, 2013:
The Arunachal Pradesh unit of NCP today urged the Centre to review its policy towards China and support the Tibetan cause. 

Describing the alleged violations of basic human rights of the Tibetans by the Chinese authorities, especially in matters of culture and religion, party state unit President Kahfa Bengia said in a statement it was time to realize the gravity of the Tibetan problems and start an early review of India's approach towards China. 

According to Bengia, the greatest Foreign Policy blunder committed by the central leadership was accepting Tibet and Tibetan problems as internal matter of China.

To begin a change in paradigm shift in policies, the Centre should not only support the Tibetan cause internationally but more importantly allow the voices within, particularly the voices of Arunachal, he said.

The spontaneous formation of Tibet support Group (TSG) Arunachal with participation of prominent leaders like R K Khrimey, Anok Wangsa, Kabak Tacho and many others, including leaders from various political parties in the state, extending their unconditional support to Tibetan cause was a welcome beginning, Bengia said.

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