Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Lobsang Sangay: Tibetan culture and language are denied in Tibet

"In the Chinese constitution, Tibetan culture and language is mentioned to be protected and encouraged, but both are, in reality, not only discouraged, but also denied. If you grow up like the Chinese, if you speak Chinese, you become Chinese.... 
Geographically, ten major rivers of Asia flow from Tibet and, given the numerous Chinese and Indian citizens without access to fresh water, the region will most likely grow in importance in the future. Nowadays, wars are fought over energy. Soon, wars will be fought over water.
Political repression continues even today, having mentioned the 1959 occupation of Tibet by China, "If you mention the words 'human rights' in Tibet, you get arrested. The new restrictions make it difficult to get into Tibet in the first place. A visa into China is not enough. They won't allow you into China, if you say you've met me. 
The denial of freedom leads to resentment. We believe in democracy, we believe in non-harm, these are the two main principles of the Tibetan cause..."

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