Monday, 5 December 2011

FDI and India

FDI or Foreign Direct Investment is a process of inward or outward flow of economy from a nation with the formation of larger chains of international corporates available in the domestic market of the nation. 

There is a very hot debate going on between the UPA and the opposition party of India since the UPA had tried to implement this current of FDI into India. The situation here comes out to be of more political than that of sincere concern that there is a huge controversy coming into picture regarding this issue. Hence there is also a huge wave of disagreement coming from primary production sector. 

The well established MNCs such as the Wal-Mart and Tesco are seen almost in every corner of the world and it is running in a win-win situation wherever they are. 

FDI is also about bring the foreign system of management and technology in the corporate world and there is a great hope that this kind of policy may directly improve the current system of management and technology ruining within the country. This is how There is going to be a cost cut from the products that the consumers buy as well as a higher pay for the producers they sell. 

The government anyway how is the who is also going to gain in the process. Though this can be misread as a selfish policy from the production sector of the nation, there is a fact that cannot be ignored is that is bold step from the Union is completely a package to all the sectors of the country whatever the intention of the government may be...

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