Sunday, 18 December 2011

Embracing death and reality of life

Life seems unfair sometime. We are sometimes forced to face the situation even if we are not ready. So we have to learn from these. The lost of some one very important and close to your heart is unbearable. It shatters you completely. We don't want to spent any more days without them and we really can't.  It feels like why not me instead of them? 
Sometime I wish instead of ageing humans should turn from old to child. But I know it is madness. Because if it is like this how can a grown human take birth from a mother's womb. Whatsoever, I like that Brad Pitt movie called 'The Curious case of Benjamin Buttons'. But even so, he also dies in the end. 
How sad! But life also teaches us alot. Human are the most privileged creatures on this earth. There is a saying "every thing comes with a price so life and death needs to be in balance or else it would be chaos" ha ha...
There is a story in Buddha teaching that once upon time a women whose little boy died of a illness approached the lord buddha and requested him to save her child from dying. In response lord Buddha asked her to bring a single rice from a house where not a single family member ever died. The poor mother went in search of such a house  but in vain. Every house in that village had witnessed death. Some lost their grand parents while the other child. So she went back empty handed. When she told lord what had happened, Buddha consoled her by saying that  every living being in this  world had to die sooner or later one day.  Death is an unavoidable closure of life. Therefore we have to do lots of good deeds in place of bad in our lifetime and embrace the death in positive way. As a Buddhist we very much believe in karma. It takes a tons to born human. So we also have responsibilities. It is our responsibility to maintain this drowning world from unnecessary exploitation. Therefore every thing comes with a price. Our god gifted brain is not only for individual purpose like deceiving others for self benefit but to understand the situation of millions of helpless creatures, to represent them.  I here conclude my not so long and not so much sense making words by saying that we have the potential to make a better world. Only understanding and kindness works in critical situation. So be it...

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