Saturday, 17 December 2011

Ambulance and the traffic...

There was traffic jam that caught in it's web and I was not able drive forward in despite the fact that I no longer wanted to be thriving in that hustle. It was the dusk of a tiresome day and all I long for was my bed!
May be the situation was trying to prove the theoretical statistics about Bangalore that it has the highest traffic density in the world. But I didn't see anyone interested in observing anything about any of such facts. There were only pales faces exhibiting their hunger and thirst after their long and tiresome day. So the traffic was an obvious form of issue to go wrong with the frustration fuming out of every head on the road. 
For a more horrifying note I came across was that while waiting for that deep dark light to kindly chained into the lovely green, the siren of the rushing ambulance from the back of the long traffic screamed fiercely. May be it wanted a way made aside by the vehicles in front of it but it was something different. I was made fumbling by the chasing sound behind but most of the vehicles were trying to take advantage of the ambulance to escape themselves from the traffic. So it was a poor sight to see some generous drivers ahead freeing space for the needy emergency in vain. 

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